A Letter of Truths and Half Truths

 I know it has been a long time since I have written to you. Forgive me that. I have been with a collection of friends. I admit the trouble I have gotten into with them would make you give the sour face you had any time you caught me playing jests on the men of the camp. I will not go into detail for now. In a later letter to you I will write about all the trouble I have found myself in. I hope to have you meet Sir Maddoct, Sir Ramsay and, Sir Ashnell if you ever find a way to visit. You would enjoy their company greatly.

I hope you are doing well along with my brother, how is he? I know you said he was sick before I left and that you wish for me to take him along but you knew it would not be well for me. Has his sickness passed?  I wish I could travel to see you both but the danger is far too much. Those of the camp would hurt us if I did and I do not wish to bring the danger that follows me in Bree to find you. I wish you the best of health and heart.
  Ecladhreth Thistleberry