More Than Your Bow

Barst glances over at Adri, flicking the water from his hands. "It bothering you still?" He asks, heading to grab a tankard and fill it with ale.

Adriwyn shrugs her good shoulder. 'Shot much. Made hurt. Three quivers.'

Barst nods. "It'll come back to you. Give it time." He rumbles, taking a swig from his ale.

Haeneth trudged in, hair flattened by rain, boots leaving wet prints on the packed earth floor.

Adriwyn sighs. 'I'm no use until can shoot.'

Barst casts his gaze up to the woman entering the meadhall. He quietly observes her for a moment, slight recognition coming into his eyes. However, he doesn't say anything. Instead, he simply returns to drinking his ale, his eyes peering at the woman over the lip of his mug.

Adriwyn smiles over at Haeneth, but seems unsure how to greet her.

Haeneth |"Nonsense," she answered Adri as if she'd not just joined them after weeks away. "You can do plenty more. Arrows need fletching, don't they?" She smiled at Adri, then tilted her head up to Barst. She was small, even for her kind. "Barst. I'm glad you made it."

Barst returns the greeting with a nod. "I would've thought you'd be more surprised than glad, Haeneth." He answers, lowering his tankard to the table.

Adriwyn shrugs her good shoulder again. 'That... needs two hands, too, ma'am. Hurts arm, means no shooting... means missing, later.' She sighs, hating how badly she was still doing in Westron.

Haeneth chuckled kindly. "I can be both." She turned to Adri with her usual gentle tone. "At least you are out of bed."

Adriwyn nods with a grim smile. 'I am, yes. Not... throwing things, either.'

Haeneth shrugged as she sat on the bench, hooking a knee up alongside. "I don't know. Sometimes things need to be thrown."

Adriwyn giggles, then ponders, searching for words a moment before adding, 'Is very good to see you again, ma'am.'

Haeneth |"And you, miss," she teased, reaching for a cup and pitcher of water to pour for her parched throat.

Adriwyn takes a moment to realise that she's been teased, then flushes - but also smiles.

Haeneth tipped her cup up to Adri and then took a long, grateful drink. She sighed and glanced up at Barst, leaning an elbow on the table. "What made you join us?"

Barst shrugs, resting the palms of his hands on the table and leaning forward. "Who knows? Gives me something to do." He rumbles, brushing the question off with about as much tact as a charging bull.

Adriwyn chuckles, shaking her head, then sips some more.

Haeneth relaxed her smile. "Alright. I heard there's a man in service of the Thane who has raised some brows."

Adriwyn snorts a little at that description, but otherwise waits on trying to address the comment.

Haeneth turned to Adri, encouraged by her reaction. "What is your impression of him?"

Adriwyn ponders, then sighs. 'I don't have the words.' [R] 'He likes to be seen as a threat, I think. Maybe for his own safety, though? Not sure. He's not been very ... forthcoming. So I'm not sure what to think of him.'

Haeneth nodded thoughtfully. [R] "I have heard that. There might be another way of drawing him out."

Adriwyn ponders that. [R] 'What way would that be?'

Haeneth shrugged. If she had an idea, it wasn't the time to share it. [R] "And the thane? What is your impression of him?"

Adriwyn ponders that a moment, too. [R] 'He seems more burdened than he wanted to let on, I think. And however poor I think the chances, he did give time to find other culprits, to offer the lad exile rather than death.' She shrugs her shoulder. 'That's probably a goodness.'

Haeneth picked up her cup and sipped more slowly, shedding the day's hard work with each low breath. [R] "I agree. He could have been done with it and rid with us in an afternoon, and yet we have been his guests nearly a fortnight."

Adriwyn nods slowly, thinking, then looks around. Her voice is quieter when she replies. [R] 'Unless it was to keep us tied up here.'

Haeneth raised a pale brow. [R] "Do you think that is likely?"

Adriwyn shakes her head. [R] 'No. But a lot of things I once thought likely seem to not be. So now, I try to look for more.'

Haeneth leaned closer, lowering her voice with a conspiratorial smile. [R] "Good. That's an important way to be."

Adriwyn flashed her a smile, then sipped more from her mug. She set it down again to resume rubbing at her arm. [R] 'No good answers to questions so far, though. Someone here had to know... and probably still does. But... well, that's why we're still here, I suppose.' She sighed.

Haeneth glanced up at the thane's empty chair. [R] "We will have some, soon. He can't keep all of us here."

Adriwyn nods, then chuckles. [R] 'I'll miss the food, probably. But at being able to shoot almost normally again, well, I suppose the time here has done me good. Even if I'd rather we'd made more progress faster.'

Haeneth nodded slowly. [R] "Aye, but this time is important. From here we can ride out as a true force."

Adriwyn nods again. [R] 'Aye. Though I hope we have a proper target soon.' She smiles weakly. 'I may try to think at things, but I'm still just an archer.'

Haeneth chuckled. [R] "So am I," she said, and meant it.

Adriwyn shakes her head. [R] 'Well, if you insist you are.' She grimaced briefly and had another sip.

Haeneth watched Adri a moment before her gaze drifted, enjoying the warm silence of the hall. [R] "Sometimes, it can be nice not to have an enemy, for a little while."

Adriwyn nodded to that, with a slower, softer sigh. [R] 'Aye... and the leisure to heal up proper. I'm so used to having to feed myself that being able to just let my arm recover... well, I'd have been a right dogged one-armed archer, if I'd been hurt this way before.'

Haeneth smiled as she poured another cup. [R] "Fate chose the right time to injure you, then."

Adriwyn pondered, then shrugged her shoulder. [R] 'Of course, I might not have been shot if I hadn't been with you lot, hmm? But learning to read while recovering... that's an opportunity I wouldn't have had, otherwise, I don't think.'

Haeneth looked down at the table, pausing a moment before she continued quietly, [R] "I can't stay. I leave tomorrow, again. I think Dytha might help you with your learning, though."

Adriwyn sighed, then nodded. [R] 'She seems inclined to, enough. I'll be sorry for you to be gone, of course... though, really, there's not enough to keep so many of us here, anyway.'

Haeneth smiled with sympathy. [R] "I will be back, but I know where I'm useful, and when you're well again I can take you with me. Until then, you have Dytha...and Barst, apparently."

Adriwyn chuckles. [R] 'I think it more that she has him... but he's been interesting - and good for pushing me to learn more Westron.'

Haeneth frowned, tilting her head a slight. [R] "She has him?"

Adriwyn shrugs her shoulder. [R] 'I think he likes to laugh at all of us behind his reserve... but he's friendliest with her. Partly for sharing his native tongue.'

Haeneth nodded, stowing that away. [R] "Keep an eye on him for me?"

Adriwyn nodded. [R] 'I will try.'

Haeneth glanced at the table, where the stoic trunk of a man had loomed earlier that hour. [R] "Do you trust him?"

Adriwyn pondered her answer, then slowly nodded. [R] 'Not the way I would someone I've known longer, perhaps... and his motives are his own, but yes. For the moment, at least, his side, so to speak, is ours - and I think he's friend enough that, should that change, we'll know without it being an unpleasant surprise.'

Haeneth's smile stretched the longer she talked. She watched Adri with not surprise, but pride, like Adri was proving a theory Haeneth long had. [R] "I'm counting on you. Dytha might not ask for your advice, but she'll need it."

Adriwyn flushed, but smiled. [R] 'I'll... try not to be too bashful, then. For all I've been trying to learn to control my tongue.'

Haeneth leveled her gaze. [R] "This isn't the time to be quiet. All eyes and voices matter, right now. I don't want you to hold back."

Adriwyn swallowed, and nodded solemnly. [R] 'Yes'm.'

Haeneth smiled. [R] "You're smart, Adri, and you're careful. We need you for more than your bow."

Adriwyn flushed more, but smiled again. [R] 'Thank you, ma'am.' She sighed, rubbing at her arm again. 'But I need to go rest up better, or I won't be good for anything.' Adriwyn empties her mug and stands, starting for the sleeping room.

Haeneth smiled, her soft fatigue hinting she'd not be long after her. [R] "Good night, Adri."

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