The Valliant Heart: The Will to Survive

Days kept passing and with each one I started to become weaker and I couldn't help it. They fed me only two or three times since I am here. Everyday and night I was just waiting to pass out as I couldn't sleep in this cursed place. This time, I felt all the pain even more than before. I thought about the ranger. I was so worried about her and missed her really much. Once during my time here something weird has happened to me when I kept thinking about her. I felt that incoming energy for a moment that helped me to survive here. I've tried to use the connection between us to let her feel that I am still out there. "It's alright, we will come for you..I'm not leaving you.." - I heard then the voice in my head and I knew where it came from. It caused the smile on my face for a short moment but I couldn't do anything. I felt so weak and useless after three torture sessions during the day. I tried to make sure that she stays safe. I couldn't bear the thought of losing her because of myself. "Stay Safe, and don't die because of me..." - I thought hoping she can feel it, like I did just before. Then, I felt another flow of energy inside me before I've seen an image flashing in my head. The rain falling from the sky, the muddy terrain. She must've showed him accidentaly where she is. I moved my head slightly to the left to wipe the blood off my face. I was focused on her with all force I had. My heartbeat seemed to be weaker than always but if there was something I wanted her to know, that was all the love I had for her. I tried to make her feel it even now, in one of my darkest days. "I won't let go...Nethillon, please focus on me..let me reach you." - I heard the voice once again then felt something warm and a great worry around. He then felt something well-hidden. Was it... love? He smiled at it, now being sure of something her waited for so long. Then I felt all the evil that had happened in the past. I looked to the ground. "I wish I could help you, I'm sorry that I haven't returned. Please stay strong when I'm gone, My dear..." - I whispered then wondering if she could have heard it somehow and another tear rolled down my face. "It's strong..I'm safe..Now you know my dear Nethillon, how much you mean to me." - I heard that voice once again in my head. I was sure then about what was between us. I was focused on it until I felt a cold water splash on me. The Wraith had returned but I didn't speak once again and for a brief moment focused on her. "I love you so much..." - I thought then right before another wave of pain overcame me when the wraith started to cut through my skin again. I started to bleed more from the newly open wounds. I felt weakened by another session, my breath slowed down after a while. I glanced once again at the cell door as the wraith left. Then I finally closed my eyes, losing consciousness. 

I managed to wake up some hours later. I knew that I might not survive another days. I feels that the ranger was in dire need of energy and I just passed all of the energy I had to her. "Someone needs to live... and that's not me..." - I then thought giving up on my life, even if I wanted to see her again so badly. I knew I cannot do anything anymore. "No! Nethillon, don't do this!" - I heard the scream in my head once more. I focused on it once more to hear something strange before one more thing became audible for me. "Nethillon!" - I heard someone calling out to me and immediately recognized the voice. "My dear..." - I whispered then feeling the will to survive once again. I remained in that feeling of her nearby for all the time until the cell door opened once again. I sighed at the sight of the orcs, yet this time was different. They freed my hands but I was too weak to do anything, my motionless body fell to the stone floor. They asked me for information only once, when I didn't say a thing they started to beat me up once again while I was still on the ground.