The Sight of Doriath


Hearken to me, wanderer! Once you set foot upon the Andram, look north.

For you shall behold the realm of Doriath from afar, the heart of Elvendom in Beleriand.

Know that King Greymantle ruled the Fenced Land once, and by his side dwelled Melian of the Maiar, and Lúthien Tinuviel sang in the great forest of Neldoreth.

Alas, the days of glory and bliss have passed, and ruin and slow decay have come upon the kingdom of the Grey-Elves.

O Esgalduin, what happened to your hills and glades? O Girdled Realm, where has your strength gone? O Menegroth, why have your lights faded?

Tell me, beating heart of Beleriand, why have you succumbed to slumber?