Chapter I 4 Baradhroc

I left the next day, without wasting time. It was still raining, my clothes had not had time to dry during the short night. This day was still long and I had to cross the Shire as soon as possible, since the day of the rendezvous was getting closer. It was during this monotonous march under the greyness, which did not honor the green hills of the country, that I began to ask myself serious questions about what was waiting for me beyond the land of halflings. Will I be accepted? How will my comrades be? What will I do if I have to turn back in these lands that I do not know? Could I join Evendim when all the elements seemed to be raging against me?

Suddenly, as all these questions ran through my head, my steed stood up at the same time as a prodigious flash struck the ground nearby. I was knocked down in the mud. For the first time my mount was failing me.

A little panicked, I tried to find her in the darkness of the falling night, some electric flashes occurred again and I could catch the bridle of my nag. He did not want to move anymore, which was strange since he usually was not afraid of the storm. However, in this part of the steep terrain, the water flowing from the flanks of the hills, moved in a light stream, which had to be crossed several times. So I pulled on the bridle to advance my horse with me, opening the walk, soaked to the bone.

My mount did not want to move forward, instead of forcing it, I decided to stop under a rock for the night. I had to make a choice during the night. Should I keep moving? Between the rain that does not seem to want to stop, all these questions and my faithful sidekick who did not eat a blade of wet grass, the night was agitated. But I remain hopeful of rallying the center of Evendim within two days of walking, which would make me arrive exactly at the right date.