Camping near the River

We departed from Eaworth under the cover of night. Our discussion from last night made us paranoid and alert, for now there were chances that orcs could be following us, or something far worse. I had start to think that something more vicious and cruel than a orc could be following us, a troll, or a horde of goblins. Perhaps even something out of the legends of old! A mighty dragon, or a group of them. However, as much as I wish it so, that wouldn't be possible. With haste had we walked, we wished to flee Wildermoore, and it's surrounding towns as quickly as possible. We stayed upon the main road, not daring to drift away from it. Had we drift away from it, we would get lost, and most likely found dead in the trees, covered by leaves and grass. The road was long, and we were starting to get uneasy, so, I suggested that we simply cross the river as we did upon the first leg of the journey.

"Father, Sigehelm, we can just cross the river, it shall provide us with water that'll cool us down, and it will be quicker than going all throughout the land, upon this one road."

"That is a good idea, aye. We'll cross the river, fill our waterskins, and get there quicker." It was quickly decided, and we then went in the direction of the river. Once we arrived, we filled our waterskin and crossed. The refreshing, cold, rushing flow of the water calmed me, and cooled me down to the point where I couldn't feel the heat upon my legs and feet. I stood there, seeming to drift away from all my thoughts and troubles, almost as I were becoming another element in the water's flowing cycle. Father awoke me from my dream, or my musings, and urged me to press on with haste. We crossed the river
 and camped upon the other side some minutes away. I helped setting up the tents, then went to sleep. Thoughts of home and mother came to mind as I slept. I hope that we shall arrive home soon.