Laiss iavais - Autumn Leaves (Sindarin)

I laiss dhannol
The falling leaves

reviar að i chenneth
drift by the window.
I laiss iavais
The autumn leaves
na charan a chôl.
of red and gold
Cenin bé lín,
I see thy lips
i mib ethir,
the summer kisses,
i nerchaim,
the sun-burnt hands

i ngarannen.
I used to hold.
Ir edledhiassel
When you went away
in oer 'âlar anann
the days grew old
a lhastathon
and (soon) I hear
i laer e-'rîw iaur.
the old winter's song.
Dan le iðron athan naid bain,
But I miss you most of all,
melethril nîn,
my darling,
ir i laiss
when the leaves
cheriar dannad.
start to fall.

 (free translation of Autumn Leaves by Nat King Cole!)