Seo Feorhneru

Founding date
Reborn in current form in early May, 2018
IC: to help Eorlingas displaced by the War survive and have vengeance OOC: To help Rohirrim roleplay together in Rohan
Main area of operations
Snowbourn, Sutcrofts, Rohan
Kinship type
Men and Women of Rohan and members of their households
Dunlendings, Orcs and Half-Orcs, Saruman
Kinship status
Dormant (not recruiting)
Recruiting Officer(s)



Upon returning to Rohan from Bree, Ynna Brunwulfsdohtor discovered her hometown of Thornhope invaded by orc hordes from the Misty Mountains, Isengard, and Mordor. Her childhood home was a burned shell and the few witnesses who still lived confirmed the awful news that her entire household was driven from their flaming home and executed in the street, all but one: the servant Máthild who managed to escape and hide. The only survivors of her immediate family are herself and possibly, doubtfully, her sister Hildawyn who is still missing in the far North.

Ynna went to Eaworth and spent a time on mourning, meeting several refugees from Thornhope as well as a number of displaced people from within Eaworth itself. She was able to use some of the wealth she had brought back from Bree to buy food and necessities from Cliving for them, and even weapons and armour for the few who were strong enough help protect Eaworth or seek vengeance on the orcs.

Eventually she left the Entwash Vale for Snowbourn, where her father's older brother and several other paternal relatives live. Her uncle had right of inheritance to her father's estates, but he generously brought the matter to a vote before the extended family and they elected to let Ynna keep them. The only provision was that if Hilda was to return Ynna was to split all income from the land with her.

Every day more fleeing Rohirrim came to Snowbourn, making a population of refugees much larger than the one in Eaworth but with similar needs. Remembering how material aid to the people in the village saved lives and roused spirits, Brunwulfsdohtor pledged her wealth to helping these broken Eorlingas live on and fight to free the Riddermark of its deadly enemies.

Now others have overtaken her in their generosity and their will to work for their people, and the Refuge of Snowbourn operation has outgrown what a single woman can do. New refugees are being welcomed and aided, and more helpers and patrons for them are always sought.

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Eorlingas áwunaþ ond geleofaþ ond campað! Eorlinga fylstaþ cynna ðínra!

Rohirrim, live on and fight! Rohirrim, help your kin!



Note: the runes in the banner at top are Anglo Saxon, not the LotR's versions.


Boregil Boregil Blackrose Man
Earwulfa Bogamaegden Earwulfa of Langhold Man
Eofeya Eofeya 'ƿiċċe' Man
Feorhwen Feorhwen of Rohan Man
Lumgrim Lumgrim Man
Nuovis Nuovis Drakaren Man
Teregan Teregan Man
Ynna Ynna Brunwulfsdohtor Man

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