Exploring and Hunting

The tents were already set up, the campsite prepared, and all things were ready to start dwelling in Balewood for the month. Once father and Sigehelm leave, I'm thinking of exploring that cave we had camped near, there must be something interesting in there. The day was warm, ideal for hunting, and that is  exactly why father and Sigehelm were going, hence, it would be the perfect time to explore. "Now, we'll be back in at least a couple hours, don't go anywhere, tend the camp, build a fire if you need to, and simply wait until we get back, aye?" Father said those words more like a question, instead of a command. I simply nodded, leaving no verbal reply, if I did, he knew I would be lying. Unlike my brother, I was a horrible liar, and if I had attempted to, I would choke on my words, like a dog choking upon a bone. It was no use. Luckily, father was satisfied with that response, he smiled, while Sigehelm had smirked and taunted me by making faces, like that of a spoiled child. I only scowled at him, not daring to tell him off verbally, else both of us would be in trouble. As soon as father and Sigehelm had left, I grabbed my spear and shield and started to walk towards the cave. I was filled with hope that I would see something interesting, not dangerous, but just interesting. I was half-expecting some beast out of an legend to appear and claw me, or a orc, or something bad in general. Yet, I was wrong, as I continued walking into the cave, there was no beast, nor orc, that was in this cave, besides bats. Screech, hisses, and flapping of wings is the noises I heard. They only made my resolve to further explore the cave more strong. It was not that interesting, it provided excellent shelter to rain and storm, but no, nothing interestingly out of the ordinary. I do wonder how Sigehelm and father are doing, I hope their hunt has gone well, and that the bear which they were hunting is quite fat. 

"Father, do you hear that? growls, noises like those of a bear, come, we are almost near. Hopefully you are right, that this bear has plenty of meat upon its bones." Sigehelm smirked at his father, his response being that of a nod alongside a chuckle. The bear which they had sought was not long away. It was a full-grown, male, brown bear. Plenty of fat was upon it. The pair took out their spears and aimed at the bear once they had gotten in the range to kill it. Sigered smiled approvingly at his son, yet he had wondered how Sigebyrht was doing alone, but nay, it was not the time to have doubt and regret cloud his mind. Their prey was close, easy to kill, as easy as killing a bear is. They lined their spears up with the side of the bear's stomach, taking a deep breath, they released. Their spears had hit their mark, and with a roar, it collapsed. "Easy enough." Yet in truth, they were simply lucky. They had skinned the beast there, taking the meat and fur and returned to the camp, smiling. "The hunt went well I assume, that is good, more fur and meat for us then. That is extremely good! Good job." I smiled at them both, I was glad for the hunt to went well, for it meant that we had more food and we had the chance of blankets. Which was certainly a boon to have in these lands. I didn't tell them of what I did when they were gone, except that I tended the camp and such. I fell into a deep, dreamless sleep after they had arrived. I was quite tired it seemed, perhaps after my exploring, or some other means.