Supplies for Wildermoore

Father has decided that we need to buy some supplies before we head out towards Wildermoore. I thought we were all ready for the adventure, however it appears I thought wrong. Mother and Burgwyn are staying home for the trip to the market, and the camping adventure in Wildermoore. Sigehelm is coming with us, sadly. I do hope he would stay home, but father insisted that he should go, as he was simply just going to bring Sigehelm. It was warm, the air was filled with a warm summer breeze, refreshing. We set out from our homestead and started to trek upon the road to the Edoras Market. The road was smooth. It was easy to see that many have been walking upon it, as footsteps and hooves, are covering it. Perhaps a caravan passed through here, or an Eored to drive some foul thin away. The trek to Edoras was not quite eventful, however once we had arrived. The city was quite busy, townsfolk were out and about, doing their chores and what not. We quickly went to the market, as that was our only goal. I liked going to the market. My friend is always there, which is sad, as that is the only place he can go. Every day. He simply wishes to have a good life, or at least spend the rest of his days being merry and content. I was more than happy to see him upon his chair when we finally got to the market. He was smiling, his gray beard was flowing in the wind, his observant eyes were all around, going to face to face. They finally landed upon me, I smiled, and ran up to him. "Seems we meet again!" We've been meeting at the market for about three weeks now, he seems to always be there. We started to drift into discussions of his life and mine. Father and Sigehelm would always get the supplies, where I, would speak to my friend, waiting for them to finish. "My lad, how are you? Life is well, I hope. How is your training, and that immature uncle of yours?" He smirked, jesting on the last part.

My friend knew my family quite well, extremely well, that we considered him our relative. "Its going well, uncle is well, training is speeding up. We're actually going up to Wildermoore soon to camp, but I suggest father has intent of getting us more mature and train in a harsh area, however I simply like the camping part," I chuckled, gazing at him expectantly to see his response, however it didn't come until father and Sigehelm had finished buying the supplies, "Hmm. Be careful in Wildermoore, don't let the White Witch get you. Or else you'll become her servant. Now go, and be swift about it! Your father is waiting," He nodded, and patted me on the back. As I glanced back my shoulder after some seconds of walking away from him, he was gone. The man that was dressed in gray had disappeared without any sound of movement. I stroked my chin, curious as to how he could leave that fast, but simply dismissed it for the moment and continued on the way home. His words about a White Witch were concerning, but I sense he was trying to pull my leg, or perhaps not. Doubt now clouds my mind if he was jesting or not. The sounds of the bustling city faded like snow does on a warm summer day. The breeze was still warm, and the road still smooth, however I got the sense that someone was following. Bright, observant, and disappearing eyes followed us home, however I simply believe it was my friend making sure that we were alright. Once we had gotten home, I helped store the supplies until we make use of them, ate dinner, and went to sleep. My sleep was neither dreamful nor filled with nightmares, just peaceful. Calm.