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The fate of The Forngarmo have been decided, as one might say knowing what happened deep in the Ice Bay of Forochel. But was it the truth? The Forngarmo held the wooden board from the ship as the winds pushed her away from the crash site. Soon, she landed on a small ice island. There, the death was to take her, but it clearly wasn't her time. Her wolf companion, Valor has survived the crash as well and turned out to be alright. He found her and attempted to warm her which - in her condition determined if she would survive or not. He remained with The Forngarmo until a search party came to look for her. And that was the way The Forngarmo has survived another hard time. Yet still, she remained unconscious for months as a result of those adventures. After that time the ranger once again came to the shores of the Nenuial Lake. Where she could recover from the memories and continue her quest as a guardian of Eriador.