Look before you leap.

Helce distinctly remembers receiving the letter from Yrill and the wave of panic that almost drowned her.  The effect was to create the urge to rush out and warn everyone .. not just The Vanimar but shout it publicaly outside Lord Elrond's hall.. something must be done.

Something inside said WAIT! breath a little ... slow and deep .. think!  what good is all that shouting with no plan or strategy..  confirm these findings and cross-reference.  She needed to inform her colleagues and get permission to see some of the older and more sensitive records help within Imladris.

This time she would follow protocol and write to her order and the head of the household, Lord Anglachelm.  [Unfortunately no copy of this letter could be found].....

The letter to the order is reproduced below along with another sent separately to Fealivril.

My esteemed colleagues and friends.

As you will know I have pursued the study of lore and cartography for some time prior to joining the order and indeed this house. My recent 'illness' has left me much time to study and I have put it to use regarding some of the relics returned from our expedition to Eregion. 

A few days ago The Arrows returned from a patrol to the North-west in which the Lady Yrill had kindly agreed to investigate something which came up in my research. Documents recovered on the patrol have been passed to me with collaborate much of my ongoing research.

I would request access to any information or maps that are in our possession that show the lay of the land to the north of the ancient fort on Weathertop, beyond the Lake of Nen Harn up to the ancient kingdom to the north, which I will not name. My interest initially is the location of any known outpost or trails of our own people and those of the Rangers. Furthermore I read hints of Dwarves activity in the North of this area and I wonder if any can confirm this.

Finally, which your permission, I propose to write to our Lord Anglachelm to ask if he might use his good offices to allow me to peruse the library of Lord Elrond for any such map or information if the Librarian there knows of any such map or guide that might help me.

Your servant



Dear Fealivril,

I wonder if I might impose on you slightly as you are friendly with Master Vagnur. It can wait until your return but I would be very grateful if you could ask if he has knowledge of any Dwarven outpost to The north? I am particularly thinking in the area known in modern times as the North Downs.

I am not in a position to elaborate, suffice to say this information could provide a vital addition to my research.

Thank you