Name Helcequen
Researcher and Cartographer
Outward Appearance


Musings on a long life and a decision.

I find myself wandering between dream and reality, memory and story but always there is music. What am I? A note in a great song animated by the resonance of a voice or instrument of something more profound? Yet I am more than merely an isolated vibration, I feel the presence of other notes in the song and am moved by them.

Some cause a pleasant harmony which create new realities beyond the basic vibrations of the notes and this suggests that I am more than a creature existing purely at the will of something greater. Also there is dissonance which can destroy but its not so simple, this dissonance can lead to new and beautiful harmony when we are open to it, perhaps unsuspected even by those who first conceived the notes. Is this life?

We are given a gift and we chose what to do with it and from that comes new songs and gifts and beauty and yes, horror also .. Freedom? To change, to adapt to play a tune one might say. I call my ‘tune’ Helcequen! and I choose the melody and the pulse, I take responsibility.

My song permeates the world, the sky and everything in it, the tiny ripples of all of us reach to the uttermost depths and heights. So while we have the strength and the will to sing, we are immortal.

In the early years we can be bright shining beacons and infuse all around with light and beauty as many have done. I was one such as that, I embraced life and the basked in the energy it unleashed but that was a long time ago. Was it really me? Was it a dream, a story so often repeated that I took it as my own past of thousands of years? I don't know!

This brings me to more ‘recent’ times… In the far north west of what is left of the land I dwelt for many years. My appetite for the song diminished, a distant echo of the past notes and glorious melodies I once played. I fell into dreaming and musing on the source and letting go my individual frequency to merge with the background and thus return to spirit, ’taking a ship from the havens’ is the metaphor.

I hesitated, am I done? Have I played every note in combination with every other note? Is that all there is? The answer was NO. One last symphony before the world changes utterly, a final clear note to reverberate through us all and then leave the stage for new performers.

So I left my home and headed east to join my kindred spirits in the valley of Rivendell and play on with them ….. To be continued 

Danel Anawiel Nanthon Glinthir Yrill Khalis Elisbeth

Helcequen's Adventures

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Helcequen's Adventures

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Helcequen's Gallery