A disturbing response from Lady Yrill.


The following is a copy of the letter Helcequen recieved when the Arrow patrol returned...

Greetings, Lady Helcequen.

I write to report an unexpected finding that I believe will be of interest to you. My full report has already been given to Lady Danel, so you may speak freely with her and also with Saranasse. 

The matter concerns our most recent patrol of the Trollshaws, where we were tasked to find any incursions from Angmar this side of the Last Bridge. Indeed, one such outpost was found, containing fourteen of those folk. They sold their lives dearly rather than be taken, one throwing himself into their camp-fire rather than let what he carried fall into our hands.

The relevance to yourself comes from information found upon him, though much was charred. The map I have copied and enclose with this report. You will note again there is a reference to the region wherein the Dunedain dwell. This time Imladris is also marked. The side notes are made in a fine style..no half-orc penned this, as I am certain you realise. On the top left corner there are references to the 'Frozen Path' though alas, some of the notation is illegible. 

There is also a small portion of a letter of sorts, seemingly sent from one of their officers. 

'Establish your camp in …..and the other will follow on....before the next moon. It is essential you note who enters and leaves the area. Make ready. For the glory of Angmar! '

We have known enemies would watch Imladris, if they dared draw near enough. It would seem some have that courage, or fear of the alternative. Lord Elrond is informed, though I suspect he was already aware. We, and those of other Houses, will continue to keep close watch.

With respect. 

Yrill of the Arrow.