The Journey: "Auction"

I was wondering throughout Ost Guruth to see if I could a better lay of the land. I attempted to speak with the Eglain, but seldom did they respond back, and so I continued back to my tent. I almost entered it when I had encountered a fellow Dwarf; Vatnar Luckbringer is his name. We spoke about why we came here, what our destination is and so on. He gave me a chunk of travel bread, which I gratefully ate(it looked much better then what the locals were eating if I am to speak honestly..) and then he offered me to play a game of "Auction". Its a game from the Iron Hills, and from what he described the game, it was rather intriguing and fun. The two people playing roll a 120-sided dice, and whoever rolls higher then the other person has the 'opening bid' or the first turn.

The objective of the game is to roll continuously higher then your opponent. If your opponent rolls a 31 and you roll a 54 then you would get the point, and the first one to twelve points wins. I won in the end, Mahal bless me. The prize of the "Auction" was a wooden 120-sided dice that Vatnar gave me to play the game with some of the other Dwarves in my Caravan. But I believe Angollon won't play, as he doesn't strike me as a gambling sort, but then again, do Elves gamble like we Dwarves do? perhaps I shall ask Angollon about that. After we finished playing Auction, we both decided to part ways and rest.