The Journey: Stranded In Bree

I find that it is somewhat troublesome that we have been 'stranded' in Bree-town, however it also troubles me that Angollon had told me to seek him out in the nearby town, Staddle, or Combe-- one of those two. Although during the market several days ago, it restored my hope and such not being stuck here for long, which I highly doubt we would be. I was able to head to the Scholars' Archive and was able to secure some books and scrolls of Bree-land itself, and some of Bree-town. Although I did not think much of it, it helped me understand the town more-- somewhat. It was certainly something to be grateful of when I met one of my cousins in Bree, the Stone Quarter. I was happy, indeed, for I have not seen Orin for some time, however I was more happy to be able to have dinner with him, and that he had allowed me to stay with him at his home while my caravan is 'restocking' in Bree. We had some steak and ale. I must say it was good. Had we met earlier when we just arrived in Bree, now that would be a different story. I had a encounter with Thal and Meary Bloom in the Prancing Pony today. Thal had spoke that he was from Dale, which came to a shock to me. I haven't seen someone from Dale in quite sometime, and more-so was it surprising why he came to Bree, his love of travel and 'inspiration' for writing. It was certainly interesting. I suppose that writing does give you a sense of tracking, I suppose. Of your life, and what had occurred in it, such is the way of the Journal, I suppose.