The Shadow Walkers: Before it all Ends part II

Katrandil left her steed and went away thinking about the past and her friend kept thinking about the future battles. She glanced towards the orcs that were still present in the spot where she encountered them last time. Then the two decided to have one last conversation before approaching the Enemy's Stronghold. 
The Elf keept glancing at the enemies.
- There aren't too many of them, most must already be inside the gate - He said.
- We shouldn't focus on small armies anyway, anything that can weaken our forces is a threat for us - The ranger then replied observing the orcs.
- That's true. We can wait until they go elsewhere. They don't even think anyway. - Ornessar then said chuckling lightly then glanced at Galad.
- Our army will soon start preparing again. - Said the Forngarmo spotting the orcs moving away from the army's trail.
- Naergon will be happy to feel orcish blood on its blade again. - Ornessar patted the sword that rested in the sheath on his side.
- We should inform them. - Katrandil then said trying not to smile.
- Let's go. - He then said and glanced at her as she shaked her head.
- I'll stay here for a bit longer. - She replied still glancing away.
- To keep guard? - He then asked.
The Forngarmo agreed.
- Should I go inform Lord Aragorn, then?  - He asked once again while looking at her.
- Inform the rangers down there. - She replied once again before getting lost in her thoughts of home. She even closed her eyes for a moment as if she believed that the blackened lands before her eyes will just disappear when she will open them again.
- They are informed - Said Ornessar as he has returned. 
Katrandil nodded still being deep in her thoughts.
- Are you thinking of the old days of the second age? - The elf asked while looking at her. 
Katrandil shook off from her thoughts.
- It's just.. Those ruins remind me of home. - She replied, memories of Evendim still flashing in her mind.
- I didn't know you felt like home outside of the wilderness. - Ornessar seemed surprised by her reply.
- The Forests, The lake and The ruins of Annuminas... it all feels like home. As Evendim always has been my home. - She explained to him and continued moving.
Ornessar nodded, staying silent for a while. 
Katrandil glanced out to the fields once again.
- Worry not, my dear.These lands will rightfully belong to Gondor once more, and you'll behold the beauty of Evendim again when we return. - He said trying to comfort her but the ranger still seemed unsettled.
- I am not sure If I will see The North again. I might not return from these lands like many of my kindred. It depends on my chieftain's decisions. - She said in return glancing towards the road.
- I'm sure we both will. - He then tried to comfort her once more.
- Our brothers from the South did quite a job with securing these ruins. - Katrandil then said changing the subject. Ornessar then nodded and the ranger looked at her steed.
- Go, with haste now my friend. To the Slag Hills! - She said to her steed and glanced towards The Black Gate all she felt was her hatred for The Dark Lord, after everything she went through in her life.
- I will be back for you... - She whispered to herself as they moved to position themselves among the troops in The Slag Hills.