A Scroll and a Friend

I was at Gondamon, learning of the lore of Thorin's Hall and Gondamon itself, for I was not quite rooted in the lore of this land, nor am I in many of these lands. So It was Mahal himself that had granted me quite a fortunate meeting. A Elf by the name of Angollon had arrived at Gondamon delivering a scroll to another Elf. It turns out that Angollon was a scholar, and a prodigy of a Elven blacksmith. Though it seems that he wants to learn more about how to forge and shape, which of course a Dwarf is best suited to teach just that! for no one rivals us in the art of the forge. We talked for a long while. We came to the conclusion that I might be able to teach him more in the art of forging and the like. So I brought up that he may accompany me and my companions while we traverse with our caravan. Although I do not know if we were able to leave now, or a week later, yet I do know we need more men to accompany us, as we lack in a couple positions. I'm glad we were able to meet, fate and Mahal were kind to us both! but what worries me is with all these brigands about, if we do lose our caravan to them, then we will be stranded here, or at least until winter subsides.  I have made preparations for this sort of problem, however it would certainly require some knowledge of the land, and if said land has some passages that are unknown to the eyes of the brigands. With this new friend and companion to join our humble caravan, we may yet be able to get back to Erebor. After last night, I started to think of my lost friends, companions. I am still saddened that they had died, more-so Orlin, for he was the kindest and wisest of us all, and he simply wanted to see his kin before he had died, but fate didn't grant him that wish, and so I written a poem for them, to go alongside the funeral, which was a couple days ago. Though Orlin always inspired us to learn more and such, he was damn stubborn about that. He also had made one of us keep a ledger and a journal, which we all started to gather, and here I am, writing in that said journal.