The Shadow Walkers: Dreams Of Fear

Ornessar slept deeply, but his dreams were not pleasant. 


His worries about his friend, Katrandil, would not allow him to sleep peacefully. Visions of Ost Dunhoth popped into his brain and, from a third person view, he saw members of the House of Ornessë fighting against the shadow residing in that fortress.



But everything was slow and terrifying.

And time would not pass.

Eventually, they all reached a hall with six rectangular pressure plates.

Doors opened, and rotten mumak corpses came to life again.

He saw himself alone, being surrounded by many foes. 

After a very long time, he defeated them but his dream would not end there. He saw the endless stair of Moria, and it felt like hours until he reached its top.

On the top of it, he found himself facing his biggest fear. A Balrog of Morgoth. The creature that killed his sister in front of his very own eyes, which was in turn slain by Ornessar. But Ornessar was not afraid. He slew the vile creature just how he did thousands of years ago.

And he found himself in Ost Dunhoth... Again...

Eventually, he reached the end of the dungeon. And Katrandil magically appeared next to him, but she was instantly killed by the gaunt Gortheron in front of his very own eyes. But Ornessar's rage was too high. He rushed to the Gaunt and slew him, cutting him into a thousand pieces. But the gaunt lord's pieces reformed into a terrible beast again, and it hit Ornessar, causing grave wounds to him.

And Ornessar woke up in fear, slowly acknowledging that it was all a dream. He stood up, wore his normal clothes and woke Calaerneth up. She too got dressed, and they went outside of their room, to get ready for the day.