Journey to Ithilien

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The accounts of Oronir's journey through Enedwaith, Dunland and beyond. Playing the quests RP-style, using the quests of the grey company as backdrop of my chronicle. 

People can join in, just send me a message.

Chronicle Content

Oronir was born in Gondor but stayed in Ithilien for the most part of his life until disaster struck that broke his world (Read "fragments of Oronir's past"). He left for the north in search of his uncle* and brother*. After several years of searching and living in Breeland, he plans to journey back in search for his family. 

* these can be filled by players that can handle being related to Oronir.

Enedwaith overview:

Part 1- Travelling to Tharbad: Lilykind  of the Gondorian House of Belogorn, currently in exile in the Bree-lands, has asked the knight order to help her find a household member that was lost during their journey to Bree. The request was on the Grandmaster's table for weeks until the officer Oronir took a look at it and decided it would serve his own purpose. Gathering two other knights and their  squires he left with Lilykind towards Tharbad. 

Part 2 - Tharbad:  The band arrives in Tharbad and discover that this once great town is no more than ruins, the remains of the Great Flood that raged through here decades ago. Only a hundred or so vagrant looking people are about. Most are thieve and thugs with a few poor people and a tavern that doubles over as inn, although it barely functions as either. They resupply what they can find and heal their wounds. Leaving quickly the next day.   

Part 3 - Woodsmen in need:​ After several hours a vanguard scout returns bringing news of some woodsmen in trouble, they are hunted by dozen goblins. The band organizes and rushes to their aid. A battle starts that ends in the defeat of the goblins. There is one survivor who offers to help if they bring him safely to a rendezvous point. The Knights of Eriador bring him back through the forests and into Fordirith and a hidden camp in the ruins of Echad Dagoras. the band rests and heal their wounds, glad that they made it safe and sound into Enedwaith.  


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