Men Of Eorl

Founding date
February 2017
To provide Heavy RP for our members.
Main area of operations
Kinship type
All of those who seek our harm.
All of those who seek to help us.
Kinship status
Dormant (not recruiting)
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"They are proud and willful, but they are true-hearted, generous in thought and deed; bold but not cruel; wise but unlearned, writing no books but singing many songs..."


The First King

The firewood cracked and spat flickers of light as it warmed the feet of those resting at the end of a hard working day. Women shared their gossip and giggles with one another as they stirred into the varying bronze pots from which the smell of stew was luring the hungry. The men held clay jars in their hands from which they drank their beer. Flushed, sweaty faces, filled with wrinkles gained from age and toil were all directed at the one man who's golden hair now had became white as the foam still lingered on his mustasche. Father Framgar was his name, tall if not for the stoop in his shoulders and lean if not for the bulge under his tunic that was his belly. His grey eyes were studying them all and then he grinned, "Today I shall speak of the king, but not just of any king. No, it shall be of the very first the Riddermark ever had. Back when Aldburg was destined to be the first great hold of our people!"

Some men yawned and shrugged, having heard of this ancient hero more than once in their lives, deciding to wrap their arms around their women. However the younger men and children slapped and nudged one another merrily. "King Eorl!", a voice cried, "Eorl! Eorllll!! Eorl! Eo*burp*l", it went for a moment till they were all silent and listening.

Framgar nodded, "Yes Eorl-king, Eorl the Young, a man that was blessed with a vigour this old man you see has had the luck to experience." The children laughed when he crossed his eyes with a wide smile and stuck his thin chest forwards. Small hands clapped till he continued, "However, such a young man must have a father with him to guide him, teach him crafts and of course first become a king while he was yet .. a prince. Leod, leader of the Eothéod a prideful rider and master of his art knew of a creature that lived in the woods far far north. In the realm where our fathers' fathers' fathers' fathers" .. and so forth came from." Framgar pulled a face as he spoke the dreadful name, "Mansbane." And eyes widened. "Did Leod try to catch and kill it?", someone asked. "Oh no.", Framgar continued, "He tried something far more brave! And something we are very good at! He attempted to ride it! Yes that is right, the dreadful Mansbane would become a steed of Leod!"  They all roared and cheered at the thought of whatever their mind had conjured, to be tamed by such a hero however Framgar's mustasche drooped, "Alas..." And all grew silent once again.. ”…Even if the attempt was brave and the man skillful, Mansbane was a strong creature and Leod could not overcome it's strong will and strength! The challenge cost him his life! Still we must drink for his deeds!” And they all did.

"It is here however that Eorl took his first step to become our first king, by seeking out the killer of his father and he demanded a wergild from it! By what means we do not know, did he spoke unto it? Did he tame or trick it into submission by force or silver tongue? All that we know is that he went and returned with it, though no longer Mansbane, this creature would from now on be known as Felarof and woe to the man not being Eorl that would try to saddle it! Woe however also to the other steeds of our forefathers, for Felarof had a great appetite for grass and the fields could not sustain him nor any other herd of our folk! We needed new fields and meadows and fate had just that in store.."



About The Kinship

Men of Eorl is a small Heavy RP Kinship operating at the area of Riddermark (currently located in the town of Forlaw). We are not currently actively recruiting (because we are lazy) yet all who have passion for this kind of setting are welcome to join us. Just send a tell to any of the Officers.




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