Ered Luin Market (monthly dwarven and elven event)

The elves and dwarves of Ered Luin are gathering monthly to trade their crafts, softening relations and cultivating friendships with one another.

May 15th, 2018
3:00 pm server time (15th of every month)
Duillond Merchant Area

Event details:

The elves of Ered Luin open up their market stalls, craftsmen of all kinds laying out their wares. A sight that is rarer to see in this age, dwarves set out their wares, interspersed among the elves, carefully appraising items here and there. The quiet hum of voices bartering, trading, exchanging coins intermingle on the wind. Some wander among the crowd, not to sell or purchase goods, but to trade their gossip and recent news.

OOC details:

Dwarves and elves of Ered Luin, please join us for a monthly market event that occurs on the 15th of every month! Though relations between dwarves and elves may have dwindled in the Third Age of Tolkien’s Middle Earth, they are not completely unheard of, especially between those that live nearer to one another in Ered Luin.

All players are welcome, but as we want to remain true to Tolkien’s lore, please bring an elven or dwarven character. Ered Luin is the starter map for both elves and dwarves, so a quick roll through the intro with an elf or dwarf character should enable anyone to attend even if they don’t have one currently.

Additionally, as we want to be respectful of all players’ stories and timelines, market events take place in time sequence. Attending characters should either live in Ered Luin or be visiting from another location at the time of the market.

As the main purpose of this event is to encourage market RP with the exchange of wares, products, and conversation, we kindly ask everyone to keep their instruments and musical talents for other events. 

Finally, please keep in mind that bartering would be a popular means of trading, especially among elves, but our dwarves may appreciate something more metallic and shiny!


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