The Ninth Journal Entry - Bargaining and Haggling

~Aldúya, Lairë 53~


Today’s market was exceedingly busy! There seemed to be many dwarves passing through on their way to Thorin’s Hall. I suppose the warm summer thaws the snows and makes traveling easier in the mountain paths. One dwarf I had never met before was very friendly and generous. He was one of the most amicable dwarves I have met…not that I have met many. But I do hope that changes. He had a large sack of metal ingots, which I am sure many elves and dwarves were eyeing for their crafts.

Then I finally met Master Havold, whom my mother has told me much about. I recognized his jovial and kind face at once. It was good fortune that he was there today, for he had a trade to complete with my mother, who was visiting Duillond this week. Mother had a painting of Ered Luin’s pink trees for Master Havold, and he had some paints to give her in return. They are rather cumbersome objects and I do not know what they would have done if one was there and the other was not. Perhaps they would have left their wares with me for safe-keeping and that would have been an unpleasant responsibility to keep track of…

Anyhow, I managed to interest Master Havold in a decorated parchment of mine, which was bordered with the pink cherry trees that are also to be found in his painting from my mother. It seems to be a motif he is fond of. After looking through my handiwork, he even suggested that I could monogram the parchments with letters for personal use. It was a most inspiring idea and I intend to set to work making monogrammed parchments right away. The parchment Master Havold took was given in good trade for a new journal that he gave to me. He is a skilled binder of books and I was eager to acquire one, for I am running out of pages in this journal and I have never had one made by a dwarf! I told him what purpose I needed one of his books for and he picked out one bound with blue-grey leather and etched with an image of wings on the front cover. Of course, I took to it at once! It was remarkable how Master Havold looked at me just for a moment and promptly picked out just the type of journal with a design to please me. He is a very keen judge of character, I think. I am quite looking forward to using the new journal.

The inks Master Havold acquired for Mother are equally remarkable. They were in all variations of unique colors and I thought they would be put to good use depicting dancing elves and all their colorful raiment at the summer dance in Celondim.

It is an event I look forward to greatly. I only hope that Aeriaeth will come and that I can convince my brother to come also. They would be such a handsome pair dancing together. Aeriaeth is quite pretty and charming in the way that Calaeros is handsome and well-mannered. As I love her dearly as my friend, I can only guess how quickly Calaeros would take to her. I have had plans for some time to invite Aeriaeth to my home in Mithlond so they might meet. But we are always busy with one thing or another and have not yet found the time. That is why they must have at least one dance together this summer.

Though I am quite concerned that Calaeros may have competition. There was an ellon at the market today who was looking so steadily at Aeriaeth. He was standing beside and talking with Mother most of the time, so she must have thought him a good fellow, but I think he must have some wicked plans which may ruin mine. He and Mother did come over to Aeriaeth and me to introduce himself as Serongil. Sure, he was gentlemanly enough and I cannot find any one thing to complain of…but his way of looking at Aeriaeth is quite enough for me to settle a bad opinion of him. He was admiring Aeriaeth too much as we discussed the approaching summer dance. I did not like it.

If I cannot dissuade him in another way, I think I will have to make sure he dances with me the entire time!