The Shadow Walkers: The Trestlebridge

She spent the night in Nellie's house at least being glad that she had survived the orc-assault. Katrandil spent the morning in her room, feeling a bit broken and guilty. What if she had been here during the attack? Would it help? Anyway, she decided to move on. The woman thanked Nellie for the room then left the house. 
She was wandering through the city, seeing the aftermath of the attack. She heard crying of the people and glanced back at them - some of them have lost their loved ones, the others lost their homes and everything they had. Galad doesn't knew much about it as she never had a proper home, living out in the camps through her life. Settling down seemed not for her. She was rather a type that enjoys the wilds and it was the way she was living her life, taught by her parents and tutor to do so. 
The woman then turned to the stable's direction as she wanted to get her horse and leave the town as soon as possible. Soon Katrandil reached the stable and something there caught her eye. Could she have seen... a hobbit? Indeed it was a hobbit lady. The Forngarmo began to watch the newcomer and listened to her complaints towards the stable master about.. the polluted air. The hobbit woman turned then in her direction. "Don't you think this air is bad for the horses, Miss?" - She heard the question then raised a brow. 
Katrandil nodded and agreed with her and so she started to talk to her. The Hobbit Lady, Suoma by the name. Coming from the Banks. That was all she got to know about her. Anyway, The Forngarmo didn't share anything about herself with her new acquaintance. The Hobbit seemed to really want to see the shores of Evendim but was too afraid to go there alone - That was what The woman was thinking after talking with her for a while. She has agreed then to bring Suoma along, as Evendim was her next destination, right after the camps. 
The Hobbit seemed to be happy with that result, yet during their conversation another figure has got Galad's attention. Could it be her elf-friend? The one that she was thinking about on her way to the town? What would be he doing here? There was no time to answer such a questions, she turned around and recognized her friend that soon joined their conversation. Suoma seemed fascinated about Ornessar as she inspected him around ten times, carefully. Soon, Katrandil asked him to join them in their journey and as the High-Captain agreed, the trio was soon on their way to the first camp, in the ruins of Amon Raith.