Brethilimbar na Lhûn

Founding date
Early Second Age | (June 2013)
To keep open the ways to the Havens for those who seek the West, to preserve their lore and skills for those yet upon these Hither Shores and to defy the Shadow while we remain.
Main area of operations
Eriador, between Rivendell and Ered Luin
Kinship type
servants of the Enemy
Kinship status
Dormant (not recruiting)
Recruiting Officer(s)


Brethilimbar is a small community of elves in east Lindon, dwelling in the birch woods of the valley of the Lune. Long content with a simple life of forestry and the hunt, tales and song, the brothers Tavelorn and Tindello established there a hall and stood forth against the Shadow of the East that threatened the long twilight of the Eldar in Middle Earth. After a period known to Brethilimbar kindred as the time of the marchwardens, custodians of the hall, the brothers returned from their journeys.

From the Lune valley through the wide lands of Eriador, to Imladris and beyond, we defy the servants of the Enemy and keep open the ways that lead to the sea, aiding all who would stand against the darkness, and preserving the tales and songs of the Eldar who take ship into the West. 


Brethilimbar na Lhûn is a social and roleplay kinship for elves, primarily Telerin in focus and flavor. Players are encouraged to assist each other where they can, and are welcome to use the kinship house for roleplay and events.

Contact Tindello for more information, or to request a kinship invite.


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