Party Gifts

With a loud creak of the front door, Faorie returns to her house, weary of the long day's festivities. She holds a hand woven satchel borrowed from the House of Iavasant storing all of her gifts from the party in one hand while the other drags a disposable bag of empty wine bottles.
Leaving the bag of bottles by the front door, she carries the satchel to her study where she carefully removes all of its contents.
She leans over the table as she moves everything to be evenly spaced out. Smiling, she pulls up a nearby chair and sits herself down, sighing in relief to being home.
"My, my..." she whispers to herself in regard to her exhaustion. She rubs her face with both her hands, then leads her fingers through her hair towards the back of her neck where she crosses her hands together comfortably.
Still smiling but faintly now, she gazes upon the gifts. Such wonderful exchanges were made, merriment had, and spars won and lost. Before her, spread across the table, lays a blue box with a white ribbon. She reaches forward and unwraps the box to find a medium-sized round candle with athelas leaves embedded into it. Faorie holds the candle up to her face, inspecting it closely. She notes a refreshing, calming scent and wastes no time in lighting it. Placing it near the far ends of the table, she continues looking through her gifts.
Three drinks from a far land - exotic as Alcarinwe described it - sit near the back. The bottles are differently coloured: purple, gold, and blue. Faorie grabs the blue one and holds it up with one hand to read the lable. She smirks to herself - she was going to enjoy these fine drinks. She places the bottle by the other two and moves on to the closest item on the table. 
As she reaches for a small collection of jewels, she notes something poking out from beneath her sleeve. A lovely emerald bracelet. She pulls up her sleeve and moves the main jewel into view, but upon doing this she sees an engraving that reads: 'Faorie's Charm'. A warmness fills her heart to see jewelry crafted so finely and with such care specifically for the occassion. She lowers her sleeve again and reaches for the jewels laying on the table.
Five of them were tokens of hope, something of great importance to Faorie. She smiled at them before reaching for another gem - an uncut diamond. She rubs her fingers over the small diamond, appreciating its beauty and considering what use she may make of it. Before moving them to the side, she takes one of the hope tokens and places it in her pocket where she feels something else filling its space.
Out she pulls a small bronze compass given to her by Raolor. He had encouraged her to make use of it when she was out in the wild, and with this in mind she fitted the compass and the token back into her pocket, patting the outside twice.
Near the center of all the gifts sits a small book given to her by Elisbeth based on different stories and tales of Rivendell and the lands encircling the region. Over its cover is a pure white feather presented to Faorie as a token of friendship between Vanimar and the Warband of Imladris. Slowly she stands, taking the book and the feather in hand, and makes her way to the study's bookshelf where she traces her fingers down the alphabetical texts and places the book in its appropriate place. She twirls the feather in her hand and smiles to herself as she comes to further understand the importance of unity. She carefully positions the feather on the top center shelf in full view from the table.
Faorie sits back down at her chair and quickly takes a chunk from the honey cakes given to her by Virthalion and fits it in her mouth. Closing her eyes and leaning her head back, she momentarily savours the taste of the cake and grins to herself for enjoying it so much. She wipes her palms against each other to dust off the crumbs and holds up a crystal.
It was as if there was an inner glow shining from within, star-lit. A source of power significant to weapons was held within the small crystal...
Faorie opens Khalis' gift, having waited the time he insisted upon before revealing its contents. Her eyes widen at the sight of a second crystal. She holds both together, one of them visibly larger than the other, but the smaller one glowed brighter. Amazed by the beauty of the crystals, she stands and makes her way up the stairway leading to her personal room where one last gift waits patiently for her.
A sword. Engraved on the side is 'I Vegil En-Mallenlass', or Sword of the Golden Leaf. It was a gift sent to Faorie from Dolthafaer who was unable to attend the event. She gazes upon the sword, holding it up and carefully tracing her fingers down the newly smithed blade. The steel felt smooth along her fingers, not having yet been tested or used for combat. Faorie twirls the sword around and holds it by her side, as if it was hanging on her belt. Smiling at the weapon and placing it down gently, she takes the crystals and uses their power on the blade, creating a dim glow over the steel that gradually fades away.
Faorie makes her way down the stairs, euphoric of the events and gifts she has received. Turning around the corner, she notes the bag of wine bottles still remains by the front door and that one was not fully emptied as there was some wine leaking onto the floor. She races to the bag and exits the house to properly dispose of the bottles while all of the wonderful gifts she was given lay on the table in the study for Faorie to go through again upon her return.