Outcasts of the Hills

Founding date
To find a place amungst the wilds, and find survival amungst fellow outcasts of mostly Dunland.
Main area of operations
The wilderness of most all realistic lands.
Kinship type
Being nervous and untrusting of outsiders, they accept no supposed friendly or allied groups.
None as of yet.
Kinship status
Dormant (not recruiting)
Recruiting Officer(s)


 first setting foot in Bree-Land about a year ago, Juhryhu Farrows was seeking acceptance, survival. She was seeking a new life after the broken turmoil and destruction that trailed behind her in her past, though being rather crooked minded and bent, she found none. Until she stumbled upon her brother Drunn along with her half-sister Lustwyn. She had a glimpse at the first bit of freedom and acceptance she had ever had, she aimed to keep it. With time more of her family started to show up from Dunland, either outcasted, lost, or as broken as her. Slowly taking each of them into her pack, she sculpted a familly, a clan. Aiming to join more of the outcasted and lost amongst her company, she seeks others such as herself and her family. To offer survival, strength, culture. Her and her pack now seek survival, strength, to keep their customs and rituals a live. Threaten a member of the pack, and the matron pounces. 


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