Bouddycca (Rose) Farrows

Name Bouddycca
Her Camp
Outward Appearance

Bouddycca ( Pronounced "Boud-ee-Ka" ) Stands at around 5.7'

Bouddycca is a young huntress, her figure being like that of an hourglass, however it is often hidden behind her myriad of furs that she cloaks herself with, hidding from the prying eye of those around her, the markings of her being a exile. These markings, being that of ivy black and red covering and coiling around her skin from the neck down. Being slightly uplifted, due to them being scars, thus almost making them appear as if actual ivy had grown under her skin. Her raven-black lockes are often held in beaded-braids, if not freely tied together. 




Bleeting does and screaming birds was a regular morrning for Bouddycca Farrows, the fires of the previous night crackling as they smimmer along with the occasional soft patter of snow falling upon her hut. Her mother always woke before her into the early parts of the night, either leaving with her father or staying to cook for her, get her ready for her hunt or daily sacrefices. The day was like any other, birds flew into the sky from the trees, woodpeckers chimmed away at trunks as fish flowed in the nearby river, under a thin sheet of ice. Though instead of opening her dark eyes to her mothers sizzling breakfast she was awoken to the mindwives and wisewomen of the tribe, and a quivering heap of her mother, in the furs and blankets opposite of her. Her mothers skin was bloody, red, scarred. Though instead othe normal scars one would see, these were coloured and twisted, like ivy and thorns over the side of a shack or barn. She was terrofied of the sight, seeing her mother in obvious pain and turmoil, her back heaving with tears. So Bouddycca wept with her mother, and then screamed for her when her own markings were done, with knife and needle.She did not know why at the time but she was forced to leave her home, her friends, her life. Instead she went with her mother and father, North. Her mother told her it was for the best of all of them, that they would be happy in time, safe. Though they did not find safety, all they found was the point of spears when her and her parrents were sourrounded by atroupe of horsemen. Her father died protecting them, and she was forced to watch as her mother was taken, then dragged towards their camps. She was forced to walk into the plains of Northern Rohan, by herself with the howl of wolves at every side of herself. On the third day she drew tired, hopeless, sad. So she layed down, expecting to waste away into bones and dust as she thought she deserved. Though instead she woke up under the watchfull and soft eyes of an old woman, dressed in a bonnet and dress.


Shorey, Catilyn, Flagteun and a few others
Mother: Juhryhu|Uncle: Drunn |
Anyone that wrongs her.
Not as many things.
Many, many things.
To make her own way in the world, with a pack of her own.
"Do not make me do this again. You will not walk away."

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Bouddycca's Adventures

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Bouddycca's Gallery