Shire folk to Breelanders

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December, 2012
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from the Shire to Bree.
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Dormant (not recruiting)
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Back in the olden days, hobbits thought of the Shire as solely homeland, for it was considered to be madness to venture beyond the boundaries; a detour only to be accomplished or devised by the bravest of simpletons, or the most foolhardy of children. However, there was a family that began as the Oldbuck clan, who named themselves such apparently after a Bucca of the Marish, who became the first Thain of the Shire. Ten Oldbuck Thains followed, until Gordenhad Oldbuck, the eleventh Thain, crossed into Buckland over the river Brandywine, passing the Thainship to the Took clan.

Gordenhad renamed himself Brandybuck, and began delving the great smials of Brandy Hall. Around the hill, the village of Bucklebury was built.
These Bucklanders were thought to be an odd and improper folk, for they fished, swam, sailed and hunted – savage hobbies and professions, as the hobbits of the Shire regarded it. They were most prone to menace and peril, due to their exposure to the Old Forest. However, for that they were most organized in the matters of militia.

In the Shire, there is the Took clan. The first Took was an Isumbras Took, who became the thirteenth Thain of the Shire, after Gordenhad Oldbuck crossed into Buckland, becoming Master there.

After Isumbras, the Thain position became hereditary in the Took family. These Tooks lived in the Great Smials of Tuckborough, ruling Tookland in the Westfarthing of the Shire. They were mostly of Fallohide stock, more adventurous and courageous than other hobbits. They also had quite the reputation for unusual behaviour and conduct, a quality which is not exactly valued by most of the hobbit populace.

One such adventurous fellow was the hobbit, Bilbo, the son of a Took and Baggins. As a young hobbit, Bilbo was eager and curious for news outside of the bounds. He set off on an adventure, and was called Mad Baggins because of it. He experienced a second adventure, on September 22, a farewell Birthday Party was held in his honour, where he announced his intention to leave the Shire, to the shock of his family and friends. He vanished promptly at the Party itself, never to be seen again.

Young and eager hobbits, having heard of the tales of Mad Baggins, took off on such minor adventures, establishing themselves as wayfarers and adventurers. They would return to the Shire, telling tales of their multifarious exploits and feats. These brazen folk inspired a generation of hobbits to yearn for such adventures themselves, out there in the grand, foreign world, but they were unarmed, unskilled, and unprepared; for the evil and danger in the world strengthened, as the power and dominion of the Enemy flourished. The said, established adventurers, an already renowned society had devoted to aid and minister over these young hobbits. But it did not end there, for these hobbits realised that they should enlist and recruit all those keen to enquire into the world – this begat an influx of wry folk east and west from the Shire, all those in need of supplies and nourishment. Thus the alliance of Shire-folk to Bree-landers, and long and of yore it has sustained and endured the test of time.


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