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Brywulf guards his wife and newborn son

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Brywulf sits hearthguard over his new child and wife.


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Resting after Labor

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Arelienbur rests after delivery while Brywulf holds his newborn son.


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The Birthing of Seluthuil to Brywulf and Arelienbur

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Joyous news. Brywulf and Arelienbur share the birthing of their son Seluthuil.


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Riders watching the Fireworks

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Four members of the Riders of the Eastemnet pause from their duties to watch the fireworks in Bree.

Investigations into the Old Forest

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Official Document

Brywulf received a letter from Theoden King. Like many communications from our King, the writer was not Theoden King but one scribe.

Diary of a Captain's Wife



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Chronicle Summary

Arelienbur Decided to keep a diary of important occurrences when she was told she was pregnant. (OOC: Although written in the Westron alphabet, the words are actually the phonetic spelling of the Rohirric language.)

Chronicle Content

Brywulf entered the house after a long day of working with his Eored. He tiredness heavy on his face. I brought him a fine evening meal of sop and bread. He ate, as always, like it was his last meal. His appetite always amazes me, but it makes me more secure about my cooking abilities. Pappa always says my food taste excellent, but he is my pappa and must say such things. I set down a large strawberry tart in front of him when someone banged our door open. A man dressed in the livery of the King walked straight to Brywulf. Now honestly, I don't understand why they do not knock. We do not live in a tent set in the middle of a camp.

At least, the man acknowledged my presence before handing Brywulf a scroll.

Do you need wait for a response?” Brywulf asked as he opened the message.

No. My horse requires rest, though.”

Put him in the Eored stables and go to the house next door. You can stay there.”

The man gave a salute, albeit a sloppy one and left. I watched Brywulf's face. A scowl formed as he reread the letter several times. Trouble from the Mearc, I knew that look. When he reads the letters from the Mearc his body language expresses more than his words. I nibbled on my pie hoping he would share.

What do you know of the Old Forest, Love?”

I shrugged, “People in Bree, they are afraid of it.”

Like we fear Fangorn?”

I pay little attention to their stories of the Old Forest.” I put my spoon down, “They talk nonsense about the paths closing behind you as you walk through it. And besides, the trees grow too close together. Why would I want to go somewhere Ruby cannot go?”

He stood and walked to the door, calling in the messenger for the Eored that waits outside. I recognized the man having seen him many days, but not his name. I am the captain's wife, not part of the Eored. They treat me with respect but never include me. I may not like it, but I am blessed to be Brywulf's wife. I love him more than anything.

Go to the Eored, tell them I wish a meeting here at my home tomorrow at sunset. Everyone is to attend. Oh and find Aeru. I wish him to be here as well.” Brywulf said to the man.

This man gave a smart salute to Brywulf before he left. I could read the respect in the man's posture as well. With a few exceptions, all the Eored respect Brywulf. I suppose there will always be those who respect no one, not even themselves, but I believe even those that don't respect him now will in time. One could say I am biased, and they would be right.

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The Wedding Ceremony

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Brywulf receives his future wife in their Rohan style wedding.

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