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Gerta of Fenmarch


Revenge-seeking widow and matriarch of the Grimbaldings.

AgeThough she approaches her seventieth year, her spirit has not faded with time.
ResidenceThe ancestral home of the Grimbaldings in Aldburg.

Folk of Aldburg

Outward Appearance

A proud woman of Rohan standing at 5′10″, just past sixty years of age with a stern demeanour and commanding voice. Her rainment is finely-made, in rich and splendid huesand embroidered with ornate esigns steeped in Horse-lord traditions, About her neck hangs a treasure-necklace with many baubles of both Rohan and Gondor, divided from each other by glass beads the color of newly-spilt blood.

Banner image: Old Woman Reading (1655) by Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn


The daughter of a wealthy family of Fenmarch, married to Osgar son of Hincmar in her nineteenth year. Though theirs was not a marriage of her choosing, she grew to love Osgar and bore him three children, who in turn bore them grandchildren. Though not overly affectionate, her love with Osgar was a love that lightened the burden of age and the shortening years of her life. Since the death of her husband by the hand of Tunbeorht son of Beorht, she has become wracked by grief and hungry for revenge.


Most have been long dead. The rest she has cast aside in favor of pursuing the deaths of Tunbeorht and his kin.


The Grimbaldings. Of particular note are her grandson, Adalred. and her nephew Garsig.


The sons and daughters of Wusfrea, Tunbeorht chief among them.


Hers is a hardened heart, and her love is only rewarded to her family. She is fond of dreams, for in them she is reunited with her love Osgar once again.


The recklessness of young men, the softness of young women, blood-feuds, and the vacant places in her bed and her dining table.


Revenge on Tunbeorht and his kin for the death of her beloved husband, Osgar.


"Only blood can pay for blood."

Gerta's Adventures

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Gerta's Adventures

Gerta's Gallery

Gerta's Gallery