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Edonea Rumsey (Edda)


Doctor, often working with the Bree Watch

ResidenceOldstone Tenements, Room 3-B—of Beggar's Alley.


Outward Appearance

Orgin: Trestlebridge, North Downs

Age: 24

Name/s: Edonea Rumsey was the name she was born with.  When she married, she became Edonea Wragg.  After her husband died, she took on the name of Rumsey again.  Her nickname is Edda.   Sometimes her brothers may call her Eddy as well.

Skin Tone: Her skin is pale in hue and soft.  It is clear she does not spend too much time under the sun, but instead inside for her work is rarely working outside.  Across her cheeks and on her shoulders, soft faded freckles mark her skin.  Her hands are not as soft as her face is from often gardening and mixing potions.  However, thanks to consistantly working with lavenders and other helpful herbs to skin care, her hands and skin is often healthy and well tended to.  

Height: 5’1" making her short when compared to most women in Bree-lands area.

Body Type: Edonea’s arms and legs are very slim.  She does not have much bust nor curvature having an almost boyish frame.  Her hips are lean as it is clear she has never actually bared children before.  Her waist is slim, but not so much in variation to her breasts and hips to give her a strong defined shape.  In addition, she clearly does not appear muscular as her leaness indicates her lack of physical strength.  Although she may be able to through a decent punch, she's unable to use brute strength if ever confronted.

Eye Color: Looking into her eyes, the darkness of them are very distinctive.  Although around the iris a hint of brownish green colour.  It is often difficult to detect the green hue when there is little lighting in the atmosphere.

Hair:  Cut short around her face, Edonea’s dark hair wraps around her cheeks.  Often her hair appears dark in colour; however, as the illumination of the sunlight brush over her hair, reddish highlights become visible.  Her hair is not necessarily silky, but she often tends to it and keeps it well maintained.

Facial Structure: A little smile adorns the young woman’s face with a hint of insecurity.  Her cheeks are thin and narrow with predominate cheekbones.  With a decent size nose.  Her chin is pointed and thin and her lips full with a dull colour to them.  

Education: Throughout her childhood, Edonea was exposed to very little in terms of formal education. Thanks to her aunt, she learned a little bit of fighting enough to be able to defend herself, but not that she ever took much up on the training.  In her marriage, her husband taught her to read and write.  He also taught her much about herbs over the years, but always restricted her endeavors into the scientific field.  Often she'd sneak into his study to read or curiously examine his patients (or deceased bodies of those who did not survive), but was always severely punished by her husband when caught.  She tried to be a proper wife and tend to the house in attempts to live out a fantasy of having a proper life, but everything has fallen apart now.

Languages Spoken: Westron

Weapons: She has a little knife, but she isn’t a fighter.

Special Abilities/Skills:  She's actually very knowledgeable about the human body and herbs.  She spent much time studying in such; however, most would not know it for she often refuses to speak out about her knowledge in such topics.  

Pets/Other: Walking by her side peers up a mid-sized golden dog.  With little rounded ears perking up and a fluffy plume of a tail that seems to constantly wag, the little dog has won a place in Edda's heart.  The dark color of his eyes sparkle often with the golden mask that covers his face.  His stomach is stark white as is the fur around his mouth and up his legs.   However the fur down his back and making up his face mask is a deep golden and almost reddish hue.  Due to the colour of his fur, the dog was given the name Copper.  


Fye Rumsey (30) — Former part of Trestlebridge's miltia, now a freelance. Twin of Baut.

Baut Rumsey (30) — A former militiaman nursing a broken arm. Twin of Fye.

Baynard Rumsey (25) — Reckoned a fraymaker.

Edonea Rumsey (24) — Eloped with an older man ten years ago; recently returned.

Ysopa Twigs (née Rumsey) (19) — Married to a farmer.  Moved away from the family.

Burt Rumsey (11) — An errand-runner who dreams to be on the Mayor's council.

Maudey Rumsey (10) — A troublemaking girl as of late, constantly worrisome for Fye and Baut both.

Dirk Rumsey — A debtor turned vicious brigand, hanged by the Men of Trestlebridge six summers ago. Father of the Rumsey siblings. Once Agnes' husband.

Agnes Rumsey, (neé Grimble) — Considered an old maid until marrying Dirk, dying of complications after Maud's birth ten years ago. Once Dirk's wife.

​Leda Rumsey — The mother of Dirk Rumsey, recently deceased. A stubborn, but loving woman, bent on rearing her grandchildren with some amount of propriety.


'Come to me with your open heart,

I so well know the paths through our open sward.

Friends notice us with their repute;

Some of their names will be wiped from our yard .

Mourn not for them, their world is not ours.

Why weep for those who will not care for us?

For sweet is their words, but mind cold and hard

They no longer lead your world afar.

I know it is vain when we turn apart

To breathe kind words at their empty heart;

And I know that the joy of my life is marred

When we follow the words that cause us to part.

But before I rest amongst your arms,

Why shall they speak for you and for me?

I’m so wayworn, why would they retard

The peace I seek amongst your heart?

Why break me, for I’m ready to see

The haven of rest and innocent grace.

I fear not to enter that warmth in your love

For the world no longer stops me with its gloom.

I rest in the hope that one bright day

Sunshine will burst through this prison of mine,

And the brilliance of wonder and the voice of my soul

Will bring rest to the dead whose lives I stole.'

As a middle child, Edda had many older siblings as well as her younger sister Ysopa as a child. Growing up, Edda always admired the love she saw shared between her mother (Agnes) and father (Dirk). However, thanks to her older brothers, Baut and Bayne, Edda began to develop her own free, impulsive spirit. It also helped her Aunt aided this spirit in teaching her to fight with her elder sister, Fye. Often finding herself into trouble amongst her brothers, Edda enjoyed the fun they shared. However, as she matured and found her way through puberty, things began to change for Edda internally.  Unlike most girls who began fawning over pretty boys and fantasies of marriage, Edda found no internal attraction to boys or men. This began to scare Edda into thinking she was abnormal. At the age of fourteen, Edda met a man named Reuben who displayed to her an attention most boys did not. It felt odd to Edda in many ways, but her lack of attraction back made her fear letting the man go away. Of course, her family did not approve of the arrangement due to Edda's age of 14 and Reuben's age of 27. However, Edda did not heed their disapprovals. She inevitably ran away from home shortly after the birth of her youngest brother (Burt) and eloped with the older man.

At first Edda did not think much of going home. The flutter of excitement from Reuben's profession of love and her newfound marriage blinded her from the thinking of her family. For once since she began puberty, she felt she was normal like the other girls. Reuben moved Edda a bit south of Trestlebridge to a small farm-like setting in northern Bree-lands. They had two horses, a cow, and a small garden full of growing herbs. The house made of stone blended into the greenery around it in what Edda thought was a beautiful display. Everything was fresh and exciting for the young teenage girl.  Until the first night, she shared with her husband. Edda did not enjoy it in any way finding the act quite uncomfortable. Without anyone to talk to of such matters, Edda pushed the thought out of her head and assumed it was simply an act not meant for women to enjoy. Reuben from the start spoke of his want of children to fill the stone house of which Edda agreed. As months passed,  no baby came and Edda longed for her parents and siblings. Edda went to Reuben and requested him take her home for a visit, but he refused. "What if they take you back and forbid you to come home to me?" He said as his argument.

Edda longed to go home, but Reuben forbade her from leaving their home. She did not know what to do as she came to the realisation she may never see her family again. Nevertheless, her longing that the marriage to make her feel normal like most girls made her unwilling to challenge Reuben in fears he would abandon her.  Reuben, who was a healer himself, oft had travellers stop into their home to seek medical attention. This is where Edda's interest in healing began. At first, she would listen in and watch Reuben as he worked with fascination, but when Reuben saw her take interest, he banned her from being near his patients. This did not stop Edda's curiosity though. When Reuben found Edda in his study reading his books (this being over a year into their marriage after he taught her to read) he became irate. He slapped her across the cheek and threw her from the room. Shortly after the confrontation, Edda found a lock installed into the door of the study.  This did not stop Edda though. On the days Reuben travelled to town, Edda examined the door. It took her five different Reuben trips to teach herself how to unlock the door. From that day on, Edda snuck into the study to read every time Reuben was away. The only books Reuben willingly allowed Edda to possess were books over herbal remedies. He told her other medical practices were unwomanly and forbid her endeavours into such, but allowed her to read of herbs and even bought her some of the herbs to grow in their small garden. Edda, having a lot of time on her hands, mastered the art of herbalism over time, but it still did not satisfy her hunger for more knowledge.

One day as rain poured down and Reuben was away, Edda worked in her garden. Her dress clung to her frame from the water falling from the sky. Out of the corner of her eye, something shifted a bit in the mud outside of her garden. She sat down her shovel and trudged over to fine the mud had slipped away to reveal a human skull. Although in most circumstances this would be terrifying, it did not invoke fear to Edda as much for she knew that sometimes when Reuben's patients did not survive and they were too far from home to send the body to their family, Reuben would bury them outside.  Digging her fingers into the mud, Edda recovered the skull and brought it inside to wash. She examined it with an almost morbid interest as she noticed the textures, fractures, and softness of the bone. Soon she found herself digging in the rain in the mud to find more parts of this skeleton. Hiding it into the high parts of their small horse stables where she knew Reuben did not venture, Edda began trying to put pieces of the skeleton back together with assistance of one of Reuben's books and drew the what she found in her journal. Then Reuben returned home and she had to abandon the work until his next trip.

These sort of things continued for the majority of Reuben and Edda's marriage. Many days they were happy as Edda saw to Reuben's needs and he came to her with gifts of pretty dresses, sweet smelling flowers, and so on. However, these never did stop the nights Reuben drank too much and became irate with small things Edda did wrong. Often he would leave a bruise across her cheeks and arms, but Edda struggled to see him as bad still. When he was kind to her, Edda feared for the bad and when he was bad to her, she thought of when he was kind. The inconsistency of his treatment towards Edda kept her attached to him but perpetually anxious of him. 

It was not until the end of their marriage after nine years that Edda became pregnant finally. Both were thrilled with the dream of children coming true. However, one of Reuben's patients in that time took a liking to Edda and forced himself onto her. When Reuben found out, he accused Edda of infidelity and went livid on her. On top of the anxiety Edda felt, her child was miscarried. Reuben blamed her for the death of their unborn child and of adultery in which he frequently began to attacked her (sometimes verbally, sometimes physically, sometimes both) whenever they entered the same room. With the good apparently gone and nothing but the bad remaining, Edda felt herself falling apart. She formed a sedative to calm Reuben for a while by mixing lettuce, briony, opium, henbane, and hemlock juice. The mixture, although traditionally containing a boar’s gallbladder of which she could not obtain, was something she knew Reuben had her occasionally mix for seducing severely injured patients.

Edda snuck the sedative into Reuben at dinner one day, but it did not turn out in the means she wished it did. Although she only intended for him to fall asleep, he feel deeper past sleep into death. Edda panicked and felt his throat, unable to feel his pulse.  Gathering a small bag containing a change of clothes and a handful of dried herbs, Edda rushed out of the house and took onenof the two horses and road.  She did not know the path to town very well, but she had been lucky to find the horse seemed to take towards town on instinct from many trips back and forth.  Edda had not returned home in nine years when she finally came back.  There she found Reuben’s brother, Aiken.  He informed Edda of how she had no claim to Rueben’s house of finances due to her inability to have provided Reuben of an heir. 

It took Edda a year before she finally found her siblings in Bree.  She found that both her parents had died in her absence.  Her father in a way she never imagined; however, despite the depressing fact of her parent’s death, the information felt very surreal to the young woman.  She never really let the reality soak into her conscious.  Now living a life in extreme poverty, she finds herself happier than in her life with Reuben. 

((Please note this is a major WIP.  You're welcome to approach me or message me for RP.  I'm alright with either one of those options.  If you want to attack Edonea for any reason, please notify me oocly.  I'm open for injuries within reason.  For more info on this char, feel free to message me. ))


Ibota is a very close friend. Of to her siblings, she loves talking to Baut. Also she works alongside Ms. Iriys and has learned to respect the woman. Brikan is a friend of her's and in some ways you could consider Ruevir as a friend of hers.


Parents (dead): Agnes and Dirk; Aunt (NPC): Dye; Siblings: Fye, Baut, Baynard, Ysopa, Burt, and Maudey; Husband (dead): Reuben


Edgeward for the simple fact he kicked her dog. No one touches her dog. That's her baby.


Colours of the sky, books, Copper, candle light, her silver coloured coat, human anatomy, dogs, her siblings on most days, the scent of lavender which always seems to follow her.


Cold soggy snow that soaks into clothing, being left alone, mortality, being told what to do, her own sexuality, and her poverity


Edonea's largest goal is to learn more about the human body, but her life is often filled with many bunny trails moving away from her secret goal.


"Curiosity killed the cat."

Edonea's Adventures

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Edonea's Adventures

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Edonea's Gallery