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Maud Rumsey


A child.

AgeTen years old.
ResidenceOldstone Tenements, Beggar's Alley.

Little Rascals.

Outward Appearance

Youngest of the Rumseys, Maud is by no means an attractive girl. Her mousy hair can easily be considered a bird's nest with how unruly it is, accompanied by a messy face and clothes, most often mud and food stains. Underneath all that, her face is dotted with freckles. Her clothes include many hand-me-downs from her siblings, mostly large tunics and shirts and pants that once belonged to her brother Burt. This makes it easier for her to be considered a young beggar boy. She has large hazel eyes always gleaming with mischief. 


Her hands are the only things she seems to attempt to keep clean, but always fails miserably because of the amount of food she ends up throwing or the dirt she plays in or even the coal she draws with, and her fingernails are short and dirty. She has many lumps in her pockets, no doubt carrying her loot. Maud also wears a belt with which she carries her sister Fye's old dagger as her most valuable possession.


Being a skinny ten-year old from Beggar's Alley, Maud is of small stature, enabling her to be quick. That's probably why she practises a lot of running and jumping around, or sneaking and spying. But she is a loud person, and is often seen around the Pony, whistling a tune as she plots.



Fye Rumsey (30) — Former part of Trestlebridge's miltia, now a freelance. Twin of Baut. 

Baut Rumsey (30) — A former militiaman nursing a broken arm. Twin of Fye.

Baynard Rumsey (25) — Reckoned a fraymaker.

Edonea Rumsey (24) — Eloped with an older man ten years ago; recently returned.

Ysopa Twigs (née Rumsey) (19) — Married to a farmer.  Moved away from the family.

Burt Rumsey (11) — An errand-runner who dreams to be on the Mayor's council.

Maud Rumsey (10) — A troublemaking girl as of late, constantly worrisome for Fye and Baut both.

Dirk Rumsey — A debtor turned vicious brigand, hanged by the Men of Trestlebridge six summers ago. Father of the Rumsey siblings. Once Agnes' husband.

​Agnes Rumsey (neé Grimble) — Considered an old maid until marrying Dirk, dying of complications after Maud's birth ten years ago. Once Dirk's wife.

​Leda Rumsey — The mother of Dirk Rumsey, recently deceased. A stubborn, but loving woman, bent on rearing her grandchildren with some amount of propriety.



She has no friends, only allies. But the only people she'd consider anything close to friends are Twigs and Khazim.


Her last living relatives are her elder siblings Fye, Baut, Bayne, Edda, Ysopa and Burt. Recently, Twigs joined the family as her brother-in-law, and Maud also likes to consider Lynx part of it.


Too many to count. Ebold and Ynel are two notable ones.


Her elder siblings, the accomplishment of her plots, being helpful to her family, a good story, sword fighting lessons and food glorious food.


Living poorly, charity, alley boys, rich people, strange hooded and dark people, most animals.


To help her family and, recently inspired by Khazim, to become a sand warrior.


"Me name's Maud, Maud Rumsey, and ye better remember tha' name 'cause one day I'll be rulin' the world and ye'll be sorry ye ever crossed me!"

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