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Fye Rumsey; "Rumsey Ninefingers"



AgeFye is in her late twenties, but has aged prematurely.
ResidenceScraping by in a crumbling tenement—Oldstone Tenements, Room 3-B—of Beggar's Alley.


Outward Appearance

A coltish woman lacking in grace, with more than a few scars and a stump for her right forefinger. Both her clothes and armament are motley and mismatched, many-times mended, and of differing make.


Fye Rumsey, mocked as "Rumsey Ninefingers", is the eldest of the six Rumsey siblings, the brood of a Trestlebridge debtor driven to brigandry—thus being raised by their grandmother. Driven to protect her siblings from the robbers of the North Downs, she joined the militia at an early age, warding off eleven raids with her mace—the seventh bringing with it the loss of her right forefinger.

Poor, hungry, and their name cursed, the Rumseys subsisted in Trestlebridge, until a recent warband ransacked the Rumsey household, torching their home and murdering their grandmother. They made their way to Bree, where Fye seeks to make enough of her own money to escape Beggar's Alley, and to begin a peaceful life.


Fye Rumsey (28) — Former part of Trestlebridge's miltia, now a freelance. Twin of Baut.

Baut Rumsey (28) — A builder and a former militiaman nursing a broken arm. Twin of Fye.

Baynard Rumsey (25) — A gambler, a drunk, and a fraymaker, who only occasionally sleeps at home.

Edonea Rumsey (21) — Eloped with an older man ten years ago; recently returned.

Ysopa Twigs (née Rumsey) (19) — Something of a dreamer, married currently to Hutwig Twigs.

Burt Rumsey (11) — An errand-runner who dreams to be on the Mayor's council.

Maud Rumsey (10) — A troublemaking girl as of late, constantly worrisome for Fye and Baut both.

Dirk Rumsey — A debtor turned vicious brigand, hanged by the Men of Trestlebridge six summers ago. Father of the Rumsey siblings. Once Agnes' husband.

Agnes Rumsey, (neé Grimble) — Considered an old maid until marrying Dirk, dying of complications after Maud's birth ten years ago. Once Dirk's wife.

Leda Rumsey — The mother of Dirk Rumsey, recently deceased. A stubborn, but loving woman, bent on rearing her grandchildren with some amount of propiety.


As scarce as the Rumseys' luck. Hamnet has become something of a family friend as of late.


Her siblings, and the other Rumseys—a ragged lot of beggars and brigands—as estranged they may be.


Lady Luck has ever held a grudge against the Rumseys.


Her siblings, a cloudless night, and quiet evenings.


Being offered charity, Beggar's Alley, and senseless violence.


To make enough coin to move out of Beggar's Alley, bury her mace, and start anew.


"Never again."

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Fye's Adventures

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