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Baut Rumsey



ResidenceOldstone Tenements, Beggar's Alley, Bree


Outward Appearance

Baut is a man of thirty, roughly 6'0 in height, with a sturdy build. He has hazel eyes and a chiseled jaw, and his hair is a dark auburn brown. His face is usually weary, and he has two scars: one across his right brow down to his cheek, and the other near his hairline on the upper left of his face. He received them during his time in the militia at Trestlebridge, and doesn't like to talk about them. His right arm was also badly injured during his time in the militia, and although it has healed superficially, it will never return to its full strength, and causes him a constant amount of pain -- needless to say, it affects his mood.



Baut grew up as one of the eldest of the Rumsey family. His father, Dirk, worked as a woodcutter and carpenter, and made enough money for their mother Agnes to comfortably stay at home, minding the children. Baut was close with his parents growing up, but during his early teens he began drifting from the family as a whole. He had a close knit group of friends who would later on become his Trestlebridge Militia brothers-in-arms, but at the time they preferred strong ales and brawling in the local inn to anything resembling responsibility. Although he cared about his family, things were easier back then, as he had no cause to take on the role of a parent. He was pretty close to his younger brother Baynard and little sister Edonea, and they frequently wrought havoc together. He had a few relationships during this time, one of which persisted partially into his militia career before the girl left him for one of their mutual friends. By the time he turned nineteen, shortly after Esbersen's birth, that Edonea eloped with her lover at age fourteen, against the family’s wishes. Although the loss of their sister disrupted the family, things overall remained good.

The threat of raids began to increase during the months prior to Maud’s birth, and slowly Baut began to mature in his mindset, especially after the recent loss of his two year old sister, Sally, during a raid. He began aiding the militia, intent on defending his family and seeking redemption for his own carelessness. He became close to his twin sister Fye for the first time in many years, as they were no longer simply siblings but also fellow soldiers in the fight against the raids that plagued their village. He remained close with his old friends as well, but stopped spending time with them off of the battlefield. Baut and Fye had secured positions in the local militia, and took pride in their defense of the village. They could not have known just how much their lives would change in the coming year.

The loss of his mother Agnes following the birth of Maudey solidified the developing maturity of Baut’s personality. His father grew distant, often disappearing to waste their money racking up gambling debts, so it fell on twenty-year-old Baut’s shoulders to become the family's primary source of income, as well as to take on a parental role for his three younger siblings: Ysopa (age 9), Esbersen (age 1), and newborn Maudey. The responsibilities stretched to include heightened militia activity, and he began to resent Baynard for remaining carefree and reckless as they had once been together.

When Maudey was five years old, and Baut was 25, he received a severe arm injury in a skirmish which rendered the elbow joint of his dominant right arm utterly useless for the next two years. The injury put him out of commission from the militia even as Fye continued her career, and Baut focused even more on parenting Maud and Burt. He took on jobs as much as possible, but there were very few available, and he was too disabled at the time to take on his father’s old forestry position. Against his wishes, the family became largely dependent on their Nan, who took kindly to Ysopa but held the rest in disfavour. The only thing he loathed more than his inability to support his family was his father. Being a man of strong principles, the one thing in Baut's mind that defines masculinity is the ability to work hard, and put food on the table. With his arm rendered useless, he considered himself on the same par as his rat of a father--someone he didn't even consider human anymore, after the crimes he'd committed. His father, in his eyes, was not a man. Dirk Rumsey forsook his family, and was consumed by greed and malice. On the night before his hanging--having been found guilty of at least fourteen incidents highway murder, and grand larceny-- Baut visited him in the village jail and remained there till his throat was hoarse and his fists bloody. He did not mourn Dirk's death the following morning. He was no longer a father, to any of them.

Now, with Maud at age ten, and Baut at 30, the Rumsey family has relocated to Bree Town, where they live in poverty despite each member (except Bayne) working themself to the bone -- even the children find ways to honestly earn income, but they still make too little to leave the Tenement in Beggar's Alley. His arm has healed enough to be moderately useful, although the heavy, difficult work that he’s taken on -- having lied about his physical state to find employment -- causes intense pain throughout the day, which he attempts to dull with alcohol before heading home.



Fye Rumsey (30) — Former part of Trestlebridge's miltia, now a freelance. Twin of Baut.

Baut Rumsey (30) — A former militiaman nursing a broken arm. Twin of Fye.

Baynard Rumsey (25) — Reckoned a fraymaker.

Edonea Rumsey (24) — Eloped with an older man ten years ago; recently returned.

Ysopa Twigs (née Rumsey) (19) — Married to a farmer.  Moved away from the family.

Burt Rumsey (11) — An errand-runner who dreams to be on the Mayor's council.

Maudey Rumsey (10) — A troublemaking girl as of late, constantly worrisome for Fye and Baut both.

Dirk Rumsey — A debtor turned vicious brigand, hanged by the Men of Trestlebridge six summers ago. Father of the Rumsey siblings. Once Agnes' husband.

Agnes Rumsey, (neé Grimble) — Considered an old maid until marrying Dirk, dying of complications after Maud's birth ten years ago. Once Dirk's wife.

​Leda Rumsey — The mother of Dirk Rumsey, recently deceased. A stubborn, but loving woman, bent on rearing her grandchildren with some amount of propriety.





Twin: Fye ; Brothers: Baynard, Esbersen ; Sisters: Edonea, Ysopa, Maudey


None currently, although he still distrusts Ebold after the incident with Maudey.


a good frothy pint of ale ; his family ; sitting on the porch of the Tenement at night. Extremely protective of Maudey.


His inability to support his family as well as he thinks he should ; the sense that no one ever listens.


To protect and provide for his family.


"It's not like I can stop her. Ysopa never listens to me, Fye." // "I'm worried about Maud." // "Rumsey women are nothing if not stubborn."

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Baut's Adventures

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