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A Poem in Edda's Notes

'Come to me with your open heart,

I so well know the paths through our open sward.

Friends notice us with their repute;

Some of their names will be wiped  from our yard.

Mourn not for them, their world is not ours.

Why weep for those who will not care for us?

For sweet is their words, but mind cold and hard

They no longer lead your world afar.

I know it is vain when we turn apart

To breathe kind words at their empty heart;

And I know that the joy of my life is marred

When we follow the words that cause us to part.

But before I rest amongst your arms,

Why shall they speak for you and for me?

I’m so wayworn, why would they retard

The peace I seek amongst your heart?

Why break me, for I’m ready to see

The haven of rest and innocent grace.

I fear not to enter that warmth in your love

For the world no longer stops me with its gloom.

I rest in the hope that one bright day

Sunshine will burst through this prison of mine,

And the brilliance of wonder and the voice of my soul

Will bring rest to the dead whose lives I stole.'