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Outward Appearance



Dryn is a young man being at an average height of 5'11. His build is muscular for his current age, having to spend time training for almost an entire month in Ered Luin. His eye color is of a light green color. His hair is a brown color with it being short now due to getting it cut.

He tends to carry two types of pendants. One of them being similar to a locket, given to him by his late parents. The other pendant was of a dragon pendant that was given to him by Adnaan.

The scars that were given to him were one on his arm from his very first battle against an Angmarim as well as his back that had shown twelve lashes if he were to reveal it somehow. For his clothing, he tends to have both a field outfit and casual outfit. His field outfit consists of a crimson colored chain hauberk, a hood, mask, cloak, and boots. His casual outfit would depend on what he could get his hands on to look normal.

Being a part of the House, besides Westron, Dryn knows Sindarin due to staying in Ered Luin for a while, Haradric and sign language (the last two learned from Goldgel Umaarah).

His primary weapon is a long sword, accompanied by a shield.

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Birthday: August 15th

Dryn, formerly Dryn Fenflower and Dryn Umaarah, is a young boy born in Bree. He is currently eighteen years old, although some people think that he was older. His late parents are unknown but he was now the adoptive son of Goldgel Umaarah. He lived in a house in Ridgeborough. After a conversation with Corrben, he discarded the Fenflower name. After a long while, he eventually found himself disowned for a clearly idiotic reason, now having no last name at all.

Dryn's personality is mainly of a good-natured mood, always seemed to be smiling, as well as being protective. However, he is somewhat oblivious to things. Before the death of his late parents, he was cocky and oblivious. However, after the events, if he is not smiling or oblivious, he would be serious. He hardly gets to the point to where he would get angry.

Quotes he used in RP: "It's true that there are bad foreigners like how Inglen was. But whether or not I'm an outsider and unable to be a Watcher, I'll do my best to protect Bree as well as everyone that I care about from them. That's a promise."


Theoddore, Morohir, Brynleigh, Conrob, Zadian, Aallan


Those who treat as family: (Brother-figure) Rickstan, (Brother-figure) Gythleth, (Sister-in-law-figure) Cedwyn, Cousin: Corrben




Spending time with friends and family


People that does wrong things for no reason, those that hurt the people that are dear to him, those that think they're doing the right things but are doing wrong


To protect those that he cares about


"To kill a life that isn't even born worse than being an Angmarim."

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Dryn's Adventures

Dryn's Gallery

Dryn's Gallery