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Brynleigh "Bryn"


Horse trainer and ostler

AgeYoung Adult
ResidenceBree (Village of Hookworth)

Knights of Eriador

Outward Appearance

Build:  A lifetime of horsemanship has given her a very strong constitution, lean sinew encased in a voluptuous figure of youthful womanhood.

Eye Colour:  Midnight blue, not unlike the color of sapphires.

Hair length/Colour: Her waist-length hair is very pale gold, an almost ashen color, softly waved, and will be either braided or harnessed into a ponytail when working or traveling.

Appearance: Her stature is humble at 5 feet, 4 inches (164 cm). She carries an expression that is unassuming, observant, and affable. A smile from her full lips is quick and effortless. Her glance is open and utterly guileless. Her clothing is typically plain and utilitarian; work tunics, simple dresses, or light leather armor when training and traveling. 

Weapons: A small, simple dagger sits at her right hip constantly, as a means of protection, though she’s never had to use it. When traveling, she carries a light, short sword of Rohirric make. 

Quirks/Eccentricities: Bryn is ridiculously prone to blushing. When under the influence of any sort of intense emotion, especially when embarrassed, she has a tendency to stutter and stammer. 


“I am not an angel," I asserted; "and I will not be one till I die: I will be myself.” ~ Charlotte Brontë 

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Full Name: Brynleigh (BRIN-lee), (literally “meadow on the hill”), daughter of Éohard. 

Race: Man

Location of Birth: A large farm about a mile outside the gates of Edoras, Rohan

​Age: 23

Current Residence: Hookworth, a small village several miles east of Bree-town, tucked away and rather hidden, surrounded by a wall, with a guarded gate.

Education: Having worked closely alongside her father - a highly reputed horse breeder and trainer in Rohan - she learned to read and write early on, as he taught her how to keep his books. She is extremely skilled with horses, having been taught in every aspect of their care, healing, and training. Her knowledge has occasionally translated to the human world, as she has been called upon to stitch up more than one wounded friend.

Languages: Rohirric and Westron.

Religous Standing: Bryn is deeply spiritual, but doesn’t speak openly of her beliefs. She can occasionally be heard invoking the name of Béma, also called Oromë, the Great Hunter, revered by her people.

Personality: Her manner is reserved, though a bit of conversation reveals a warm and gentle spirit, full of humor and kindness. Bryn is typically all politeness, and rarely slips into intense emotions in public, though in the presence of someone she genuinely trusts, a limitless depth of passion may be revealed. Her impulsive temperament can sometimes make her say or do things she later regrets.

She has a large and tender heart that is quickly moved towards sympathy and compassion. Seeing another person in pain or suffering is almost intolerable for her, and she will act quickly and without any thought for her own safety or well-being in order to help another.

She loathes fighting and violence, and how she would defend herself if put to the test, has yet to be seen. Her anger is rarely stirred, and she would prefer to diffuse or flee conflict than face it head-on.

Her sense of right and wrong is keen, as is her belief in old-fashioned goodness and chivalry. The harshness of the world sometimes catches her off guard, leaving her feeling disillusioned or cynical, though she always returns to hope and optimism in the end.


Close friends that she holds deep affection for include Aallan, Inayat, Penlard, Alfmaer, Baldmar, Raevenhart, Belodin and Cesistya. She still cherishes the memory of her departed Tothrandir. Many others are casual acquaintances.


Her husband, Conrob. Her parents reside in Rohan, though they are somewhat estranged. She loves her friends as if they were family.


None of a serious nature.


Her love for Conrob is beyond words. Her horse Jack, her homeland, children, music, laughter, quiet moments of reflection, helping those in need, a good cup of tea.


Cruelty, violence, immorality.


To remain honorable, kind, and courageous, amid the growing darkness and corruption threatening Middle Earth.


"The prospector looked at her...and realized the treasure holding his hand was worth more than all he'd ever taken from the earth. All his life he'd searched for ore that he could smelt into a pure and valuable form and here was his greatest challenge."

Brynleigh's Adventures

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Brynleigh's Adventures

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Brynleigh's Gallery