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Corrben Fenflower


Town Guard


The Bree Watch

Outward Appearance

Corrben is a native Breelander and it shows. He is about 5'7'' with short, neatly cropped brown hair and hooded brown eyes. His face is slightly rounded with a strong cleft chin, handsome in rough hewn townie way. His dimples appear when he smiles which has become less frequent. He is broad shouldered and has a stocky build, one that comes from long days of farm work, weapons training, and hardy home cooked meals. He is usually dressed in a comfortable tunic and trousers, wearing leather and chain mail armor when on duty. He is rarely seen without his ubiquitous tooth picks, as he is trying to quit his pipeweed habit. 


Personality: Inquisitive with a tendency to be hot tempered, he struggles to control that in his role as Watcher though there are times where it gets the best of him. He has a rather dry wit and dark humor. 


Corrben is the second son of the upstanding Fenflower family, his father, Gatland, served as a Watcher for twenty years, rising to the rank of Second Watcher before retiring nearly five years ago. His older brother served a few years as a Watcher but left to marry a farmer's daughter in the Northdowns. His twin sister, Corrinne, helps at the farm with their mother Charissa and father Gatland, and his youngest sister, Piperel, had run off to live in town. It is now on Corrben to continue the family legacy, though he was not so eager to at first. 

He was in and out of trouble when he was a teen, certain incidents involving bare knuckle boxing fights, gambling, and married women had sullied his name. It took his father's pull to get him on and since he had little choice in the matter, Corrben donned the Watchers hauberk. His training went well and he soon silenced most of his critics that it was more than just who his father was that earned him a place among the town guard. After spending a year or so on patrol, the rise of the refugees from the south is a cause of concern among the people of Bree. He joined the men in the Vale of Andrath and the southern farms to try and keep the brigands in check. Honing his fighting skills there, he spent many months trying to protect the people and property of Breeland, including his own family's farm.

Corrben has finally been giving town duty again and a promotion, he now can wear his own armor but is recognized by the badge of the Watch and the spear he carries. His main duties are not only keeping the peace but investigating complaints and crimes. 

Now officially promoted, again. Uniform is of an officer, rather than a constable. Badge indicates he is the Third Watcher. 


Update: For months Corrben had disappeared in the Northdowns and rumors of his death began to circulate in Bree as the dangers in the land grew and became known. He discovered that his beloved father was killed, along with his sister in law in an Orc raid on their Northdowns farm. The orcs struck after Corrben was gravely wounded and unable to travel. He now bears this burden back to his hometown and what is left of his former life. 


Billium, Rhyva, Nunen, Mandic, Ellany, Narchith


Piperel, youngest sister, Corrinne twin sister, Hollace, older brother, Dryn second cousin, estranged


Gorlen, Dryn, Agreis, Oldur


Bree, pipeweed, pretty girls, good food, and a stout ale.


Sellswords, Southrons, troublemakers, and liars.


To make Bree a safer place and restore the faith in the Watch.


Corrben's Adventures

Corrben's Adventures

Corrben's Gallery

Corrben's Gallery