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Tunbéorht, Son of Beorht


Gildwísa of Aldburg's Frithgild

AgeArriving upon his third decade, if not past it.
ResidenceAldburg, Eastfold, Rohan

Folk of Aldburg

Outward Appearance

An Eorling stands atop the tower, his hawks-eye view extending across the lands encompassing Aldburg. 


Mounted on his head is a burnished barbute, topped with a decorative frill resembling a charging steed. Underneath, a kempt mop of russet hair is pushed backwards, and a trimmed beard - a neat plait at his chin -  frames his jawline. Typical of a Rohir, Tunbeorht stands tall, both in stature and posture; his lithe frame is braced by athleticism and fortitude earned. Dancing up his non-dominant arm from the knuckles is a brazen burn-scar, pale and gaunt. Opposite to it, the visage of a boar contained by a sphere is branded on his left forearm. His pale green eyes shine with an ardent light from beneath his helm. 


Sun reflects off the layered bronze, chainmail and leather comprise the Rohir's dense scale-mail hauberk. At his joints, woven chain offers some protection, while his limbs are defended by the same scaled armour. The palm of his mailed fist is cupped over the butt of a two-handed axe, the haft leather-wrapped and unyielding; the curved blade is keen. Around his neck a clasp of silver - depicting Béma's mark -  secures a deep burgundy cloak around his throat. 


Brash, brazen, and clever, Tunbeorht is an atypical Eorling: he leads by instinct, gambles with tragedy, and does not hold enough patience for sieges. Some would call him kindred to the Wildmen, as a jest, if he was not so stoically Rohirrim and stubbornly proud. His demeanor oft changes, and are closely linked to his inner emotions. 



A simple story:

Tunbeorht was born in Woodhurst - his father's birthplace, and his father's before him. His mother, Lefsued, was born in Fenmarch, in the Eastfold. Thus, he possesses numerous bloodlines: muddled blood from Dunland, ancestry from Gondor, and a vast majority heritage of pure Rohirrim descent.  

As he aged, Tunbeorht was immersed in his culture. He learned through the wizened widows the old tales of Rohan, about his god, Béma; he found he could sing from a scop, and fight from his father's tutelage. 

Scarcely before Tunbeorht attained manhood, the family shifted residence to the Eastfold, where - upon the behest of no one but himself - Tunbeorht joined the frithgild. Here is where he gained true combat experience, and grew into the man he is today: the Gildwísa of the frithgild, leading both his seniors and juniors on tasks across the Folde.



Many residents of Aldburg, specifically those of the frithgild.


Beorht and Lefsued are his father and mother, respectively. He also has one sibling: Garbeorht.


Enemies of the Eastfold.


Simple pleasures.




Life is sacred, and thus must be guarded jealously.



Tunbeorht's Adventures

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Tunbeorht's Adventures

Tunbeorht's Gallery

Tunbeorht's Gallery