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Aallan's warrent for arrest.

Tholorast gathers his papers before him. On the desk: a microscope, multiple quills and inkwells, and the multitude of papers he had collected from Bree under Aallan's guidance.

He begins by identifying a parchment with titelage and date in the corner. Easy enough.


He set the piece at the top of his desk, searching for the next part of the puzzle.
Aha. He'd found it. The first half of the Mayor's orders, in fine font, all signs pointing to the font of the Mayor's scribe-- a font Tholorast was no stranger to, the various orders for the Watch in paper form confirming said assumption.


The rest of the puzzle was easy. All that remained was one crumbled piece of paper, and the rest of the warrant would reveal itself, if put together.





7th of Lótessë                                                                               Bree-Town 



By order of Mayor Tenderlach, it is hereby declared that resident  Aallan Scarlet   is charged under the following crimes:


1) Burglary
(If more apply, refer to parchment number. 8897)

It is wherewithal concluded that Mr. Scarlet may be apprehended at any given time, though most suitably apprehended at the establishment known as "The Prancing Pony". Additionally, should need arise for a raid of the establishment, the Mayor grants full authority to the Captain of the Watch to use all means necessary to arrest the individual named. 






Now came the hard part. Tholorast was determined he'd find some trickery behind this warrant-- he did not believe it was a legitimate document. However, altogether, it very much so was. Despite the overwhelming evidence, he set off to repair the document and frame it-- and inform Aallan of the outcome.