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Green Dragon Friday

Green Dragon Friday, every friday from 20.00 (ish) UK time to whenever (ish). Bring along a riddle, a song or a story if you like and take the chair. Please note this is a hobbit preffered event! (though well mannered Dwarves are just as welcome too!)

Date:July 31st, 2009 - February 29th, 2012
Time:20.00(ish) to whenever(ish) UK time/EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT
Location:The Green Dragon, The Shire.

Event details:

Order of the night is loose as ever. Light chat, heavy drinking, perhaps an appearance of a mad-spear-weilding-hobbit may occur. On your way to the tavern be wary of wandering wolves who have been spotted upon the Shire roads of recent. It may be an idea to walk with a bounder.

This is an invitation to all roleplaying hobbits of the shire to attend our regular Green Dragon Friday which has been running for well over a year now. A great place to come even if your new to hobbit RP as you can soon pick up some tips from our regular attendance of the event. In particular, us hobbits do love to see folks who play apt abc music, and especially those lovely duets or bands of hobbits that often frequent the Shire. You know the type of thing, like them Songburrow Strollers for example. Nice harmonious stuff thats all hobbity and jiggy sounding, so we can have the excuse to dance around all merry like.

Please feel free to bring a lore-fitting; riddle, poem, story or song along. That odd ball Lothilia Featherfoot often orchestrates events so speak with her on the night. Please remember that Hobbits are the preffered race of the evening, quickly followed by travellin' Dwarfs. I should also add that this is a Roleplay Event, in its truest sence. This event can be attended at anytime, and your free to leave whenever. It will be here next week, and the weeks after if you miss it. For more details please contact either Mae or Lothilia in-game. Mails are welcome.

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Lothilia, Mae

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