Iseril "Naergon" Ealath

Name Naergon
Rather young
Where The Order of Hammer is stationed
Outward Appearance

Naergon is above average constitution, his hair like the chestnuts in late autum and his eyes greyish-blue. His strong arms show either use to wielding a heavy weapon or to hard work. He dresses simply but the choice of colors and of beautifully crafted things are clues he was used to care much for his appearence and the skill he shows when he takes his lute could only be gained in many years of practice. Even his appearence is pleasant and his manners are proof of a past for sure more shining then the present the air of deep insurmontable sadness around him makes most avoid him and leave him to his sad songs..


Iseril traveled since very young, aiming to catch the wonder of Arda in his songs, to praise all beauty and sing about valour and the glory of his kin. Yet soon he has found in Lothlorien the wonder he could never forget from then forward: Driadriel Even his love only received the answer of friendship from this old and proud elf-maid he never cesised to hope: he was young, beautiful, his song made heads turn and bodies folow the gracile moves of elven dance steps. And he had a endless sea of time before him to win her heart. Many times did he wander away from the borders of Lothlorien only to return with songs more beautiful and treasures more amazing- be it a stone of flawless sparckle or a rare flower of infinite grace. All to see again her smile and hope for an answer that never came... ..As in one of this adventurous travels Nargon fell in a battle and was believed dead by his companions. They returned with the news of his death while he actually became prisoner to the dark master of Carn Dum. The news of Iseril's death brougth great sadness to Driadriel. She accepted a mission as a Diplomat for Lady Galadriel and left Lothlorien for a first time in milenia. Her steps followed the road to the leaders of the Free People of all races until she found her death when Orcs ambushed the rear guard of the attack force in one of the first days of the war to free Greenwood the Great. When Iseril managed to escape his prison and find his way to Lothlorien he only found the news of her death.. His song changed from bringing joy to all that listened to one of mourning and many called him "sad song", Naergon. Naergon has now only his revenge and the hope he will see Driadriel again in the West one day...

none he keeps in touch with
the Evil that took away his beloved
revenge; regaining self esteem
"Where can my road lead now in this world, My Lady, when you cannot be at the end of it?.."

Naergon's Adventures

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Naergon's Adventures

Naergon's Gallery

Naergon's Gallery