Aledoras "The Blackroot Wolf"

Name Aledoras
Wanderer (Originally The Blackroot Vale)
Outward Appearance

His long grey hair was tied back in a simple braid, and his scruffy beard give him a rugged, weathered appearance. He wears an old, hooded green cloak that has seen better days, but is still serviceable for his purposes. At his side, he carries a small hunting knife, its blade sharp and well-maintained. The hilt is worn and rough to the touch, evidence of years of use. Aledoras crafted the knife himself, using a piece of steel that he salvaged from an old wagon wheel. On his back, he carries a finely crafted bow, made from wood from the Blackroot Vale. The bow is as much a part of him as his own arm, and he has used it to take down countless game over the years.


He was born and raised in the Blackroot Vale, he grew up learning to track and hunt from his father, who was a skilled hunter and trapper. He followed his father's steps until he came across a group of travelers who were lost in the woods. They were being hunted by a huge bear, and were in desperate need of help. Aledoras stepped in and guided them to safety. After that experience, Aledoras realized that he had found a new calling and he began to make his living guiding and protecting travelers and merchants through the valley, always with his loyal companion Ardagor, a wolf-dog he found abandoned as a pup. His skills and his odd companion earned him the name of "The Blackroot Wolf".
One day, a group of merchants wanted to hire him to protect them all the way to Bree, as they had heard of his reputation and believed that he would be the ideal person to help them. The pay was good so he accepted.

On their way to Bree, they were ambushed by a band of bandits. The bandits were heavily armed and outnumbered them. Aledoras tried to fight them off with his bow and arrows, but they were too many, and his arrows were quickly spent. Aledoras realized that they were in grave danger, and he needed to come up with a plan quickly. He knew that he couldn't defeat the bandits in a direct confrontation, so he decided to lead them into a trap. He suggested that they take a shortcut through a narrow canyon, hoping that the bandits would follow them. The merchants were hesitant, but Aledoras convinced them that it was their best chance.

As they entered the canyon, Aledoras set his plan in motion. He had placed hidden traps and obstacles along the way, and he triggered them one by one, slowing down the bandits and separating them from each other. He then attacked them from the high ground, shooting arrows at them and causing chaos. The bandits soon realized that they had fallen into a trap, but it was too late. Aledoras and the merchants were able to fight off the remaining bandits, and they finished the journey without much trouble. The merchants were grateful to Aledoras and wanted to pay him more than they had agreed upon, but he was happy to have been able to protect them.

Nature, peace
Evil creatures and people, big cities

Aledoras's Adventures

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Aledoras's Adventures

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