Ufedarr «Azurecoat»

Name Ufedarr
Messenger in Noglond, occasional traveller and metalsmith in times of need.
Middle-aged, and as is the custom among dwarves, the flow of years have made him more robust, even though his face starts to shows signs of ageing.
Noglond, 4 Frothing road, Ulfhirth, Thorin's Halls.
Outward Appearance


Somewhat thin for a longbeard, his trade and travels have endowed him with great endurance, making up for his diminished brute strength. Ufedarr boasts the solemnity of the great nobles of old, but he is by no means one of them: his gaze is serene, and sometimes causes disquiet in those on whom it gazes; for Ufedarr is also somewhat silent, and his right eye is covered by a black leather patch; his gestures are graceful, his voice deep and melancholic, and his presence serious.

His long brown hair grows freely long, though relatively well tended, as does his long beard. He mostly wears blue, with clothes that are heavier rather than lighter, regardless of the weather or location. He is often mistaken for a member of one of the various regiments that serve in Thorin's Halls and defends its frontiers, but he is not. He is a messenger altough the tasks of ones and other are sometimes shared.

He is not fluent in many of the languages of Middle-earth, nor does he consider himself a scholar, but time spent in large Elvish and Dwarven libraries studying a number of selected subjects has given him extensive knowledge of a few of them.




Ufedarr is a dwarf of the Blue Mountains. However, he actually came into this vale of tears in the Iron Hills, first fief of King Dain II, beyond the Misty Mountains. 

His father was a messenger. One day, returning to Noglond - where he lived - after taking a pair of new oil lamps to a newly opened mine in the mountains, he was ordered to report to Thorin's Halls in person, because an errand was to be entrusted to him. 

An urgent errand: The transport and care of a precious gem, worked to pay the dowry for the daughter of a banker from the Iron Hills. The suitor would need a guide, for Fedogar had already made the long journey twice in his life, and this would be the third. They set out, and after several months of overcoming numerous uncertainties, they finally reached the home of the Son of Nain. Fedogar then spent longer in the hills, joining the border guards and rangers; among them there was a dwarf woman, and in that time the two drew together, and from their free love Ufedarr was born. There was no marriage ceremony, no great feast, but it was not a low or vulgar love: a very close bond bound them together, and Fedogar did not part from the mother of his child until the day of her death, right after the birth of Ufedarr.
Her death was cried by all, for she was had in great steem by the guards.
On the night when the flower reflected in his pupils withered and died, Fedogar left his son in the camp with the others, went out with his bow and his lost love, and for seven days he went missing. When he finally appeared at the camp, without giving notice to anyone, picked up what was his and joined a caravan taking the return ride with Ufedarr. Only many years later, once he feared for his life, and that his wife's rest would be forgotten, did he tell Ufedarr where she was.

He returned to Noglond and served as a messenger some more years, and Ufedarr learned his trade, becoming in time somewhat distracted and solitary, though a smiley and observant young dwarf. He delighted greatly when they slept in some crevice among the rocks; when they awoke with the sun and lay down with it; when he went out hunting and returning victorious to Noglond, everyone, even his father, spent the night by the fireside recounting songs and brave duels of kings invented against terrible darkspawn of evil.

Fedogar met with an accident that brought forward his approaching hour of retirement, falling from his mount and breaking a leg that would never fully recover, and Ufedarr feared greatly for his father's life, and his father feared too. Death took him in the following winter, for his health had grown very weak and in Noglond the cold is an inescapable foe; but he refused to move to Thorin's Halls or Gondamon, and Ufedarr buried him on the top of a nearby hillock so that the sun would warm his grave and he could look out over the horizon, out beyond the Misty Mountains and Erebor.

The Son of the father was already a messenger by then. That office was more suitable for him even more than for his father, and he performed perfectly making many travels and visiting some remote places, not always without danger. He quickly showed to be a trustworthy messenger, and Lord Dwalin would be in great need of those like him in the following war, when Gondamon was besieged. The messengers were tasked with the delivery of orders, ammunitions and supplies to the city, outwitting the enemy outlooks and rising the morale of the defenders. They ambushed the enemy's supplies many times and sabotaged some of his siege engines. Many of them found death in those incursions, but those who survived knew that Godamon was saved partly thanks to them, and that they had answered to the call of duty.

Not much is known from that point about his life, but a horrible misfortune or an unspeakable crime crossed in his path, because Ufedarr was not seen in many years; only news reached Noglond's outpost that a dwarf had been seen around Bree in a strange blue uniform, or that in Moria there was one of their own. Ufedarr still dressed with the blue uniform of the messangers during his travel, a journey that would last for very much longer than he expected.

After many years, the Blue Dwarf returned to the Ered Luin, and with him was a treasure in a vault. He said they were bounties and greetments, and with those treasures he payed for the construction of a comfortable and warm guardhouse for the messengers of Noglond, who he joined again.

He was respected as a veteran, altough he was not old and that would not be his last war, travel, or whatever he had and would keep doing throughout his life.



Chronicles by Ufedarr: The strife for Khazad-dûm.




Throrall, Theolred, Rashkan, Midhanarth, and a few others.
Some distant cousins in the Ered Luin.
Any kind of traitor and The Enemy, when they are not the same.
Sleeping under the starry vault between the mountains and friendly company.
Unworthy leadership.
Making the people of Durin prosper.
Itkitî [Be silent], Adrân safkitabi inbarathrag  [Time to pack the goat].

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Ufedarr's Adventures

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