Ahmo Laicamiril

Name Ahmo
doing 'wet work' for the Ascended Masters
Born same year as Turgon.
No fixed abode.
Outward Appearance

Tall and athletic, sandy brown hair, brilliant green eyes, a narrow face with a pointed chin, broad cheekbones and a consummate grace. She favors her left hand but has trained herself to fight with either hand with equal facility. She relishes in killing, which fills her with purpose as though she were made for it.


Ahmo was born to two Noldo parents on the Plains of Yavanna in Valinor When she was very young she was wed to Arthandron. Within three 'Valian Years', Melkor and Ungoliant crept up from the south and destroyed the beloved trees.

They followed Feanor, swept up in the emotion of the moment.

Ahmo strangled a Teleri who swung at her with a boat hook. The after image of his eyes is burned into the pupils of her own, a red flaw in her green eyes. People find it hard to look too deeply into her eyes. Arthandron, a dandy and a noble gentleman takes part in her schemes, lending his own skill at arms and natural charm to her drive and ambition. Very often he is the culturally acceptable front for her plots.

Once in Middle Earth, she became a scribe in the court of Maedhros until the War of Wrath. After the First Age ends, the couple become attached to the court of Cirdan in Lindon. She served Celebrimbor as a scribe until Annatar suddenly re-appeared with a vast army to crush Eregion and subdue the elves. A flight to Mithlond in Lindon followed and she had to learn to fight, serving on the walls. It was then she became disillusioned with tradition and developed a taste for the unthinkable.



Anurania, Seregrian, Appleciderblossom, Eduwiges, Raumorien
Aamu is her daughter. Arthandron is her husband
Athandron, Aamu and [Eduwiges]
Hate is a lack of imagination.
Carve out an empire in the east.
"Perhaps we can compare a list of our black deeds" / “Tears unnumbered ye shall shed” the voice told us; “Well I've quite run out of tears.”"

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Ahmo's Adventures

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