Ariian "Ari"

Name Ariian
A hunter, picking up jobs along the places she traverses, selling animal hides to those she meets in the city.
Traveler, commonly found in Bree at the moment.
Outward Appearance

Ariian is about 5'5. She is most commonly found wearing silver armor, a bow on her shoulder, a sword strapped to her waist. She wears a hood when out in the wilds, but inside cities her long brown hair flows down her shoulders. On fancy occasions, she is most commonly found wearing her favorite blue and gold dress with a blue lace cloak. Her eyes are a deep emerald green. She has a scar on her right cheek, going down from the edge of her eye to the middle of her cheek in a diagonal line. Her smile is always sweet, but can only be seen when in the company of those she enjoys. Despite her hunting skills, she is not a boisterous nor muscular woman, she is skinny, with wider hips, and slender tall legs. She seems to be more legs than torso people tell her.


 Ariian grew up without parents in Gondor, she was abandoned a few days after she was born. A kind lady, whom she only barely remembers, took her in and cared for her. When she was 5 summers old, Ariian was too abandoned by the lady. She would wander the city of Gondor alone, looking for scraps of food and shelter. Ariian had seen hunters from afar come to Gondor, and found a love for their use of bows. She made her own bow out of a sturdy stick and some rope she found on the ground. She began to teach herself to use a bow and arrow. Within half a year she was proficient enough and had started finding ways to get money for a real bow and arrow. At six summers old she met a young man, twelve winters old. He took the poor girl into his family and she was given money for a real bow, and also got a sword and two daggers, all of which she trained herself to use. The daggers from that time are still with her, strapped to the inside of her boots. Three summers later the man began to speak of traveling. Ariian decided to go with him the next summer, now being 10 summers old. They traveled to many places and fell in love throughout it. Their favorite place to visit was Thorin's Hall and still reminds a favorite of Ariian's. At twelve summers old the man left her in Bree, she never knew where he went, only to wake up one day, the place where he usually slept next to her, empty. He left her with little and so she made stay in Bree for two years. An incident with the Brigands caused her the scar on her cheek, along with many others. This incident is what got her started traveling again. She has been traveling for some time now, living through her 20th summer, coming up on 21. She is currently making stay in Bree, until winter passes. 

Many who she considers friends, and many acquaintances she meets on her travels.
Cider, hunting, Thorin's Hall, dancing (though many are unaware of this), music, friends
To travel to the farthest corners of Middle Earth, going everywhere and anywhere she is able.

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Ariian's Adventures

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