Second Autarch Mallossel Gilher

Name Mallossel
Was once the Second Autarch of the Host Palantine. Later, a Marchwarden of Lorien.
Old; born in the First Age.
Outward Appearance

Mallossel,  a Noldorin elf, has the bronzed hair shared with her brother, though it is blonder in nature than red. Though in combat it would be held high on her head, now it falls loosely over her shoulders. 

Sharp silver eyes are the defining feature of her face. Known are they to be storm-like, and her temperament in battle fittingly like lightning; there and then gone in a flash, with a scorch on the earth as the only proof of her wake. Her face otherwise is sharp and angular, and since she began her time in Lorien, she has rarely smiled. She is tall, fitting for one of the Noldorin kin, and her body is corded with muscle.


Years of battle have hardened her, and her posture is taut always as if on guard. Her form is littered with scars, the most notable of them being long-faint burn scars down her neck to her right hip; a matching pair to the one her brother bears. Also, a notable scar on her abdomen where a sword pierced her flesh at Dagorlad.

She is rarely seen in anything but armor, nor is she oft without her halberd, at the behest of an old friend to see the Shadow chased out of Arda.


(Portrait made on Artbreeder) (banner art from Kingdom Come: Deliverance) (*)


"Do you live in the new world,
On the grave of the old world?
With a coffin of sunlight 
that you carry upon your back?"


Cardanith. Mylher. Dalbran. Lothuialwen. Many others have wasted to Time, or fled to Valinor.
Her parents are long dead, though she has an estranged brother, Amathlan.
Anyone that threatens her companions.
Music - it can take her back to times of peace. Long horseback rides are also a way to catch a rare glimpse of her genuine nature, when she is not wearied by war.
She has a distaste for Orcs, as do many of her kin, but even more fervently does she hate anything of the Dragon-kind, including wyrms and drakes.
Regret, resolve, and hope. These are the greatest motivators.
"I will become not what I fear."

Mallossel's Adventures

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Mallossel's Adventures

Mallossel's Gallery

Mallossel's Gallery