Amdirlos Idhrandir of Esteldin

Name Amdirlos
Ranger of Esteldin
Young adult.
Esteldin is his home, though he has a frequency to wander.
Outward Appearance

Amdirlos Idhrandir is a young Dúnadan of the North. At 24 years of age, he stands tall at an even six feet. Sprung from the line of the Men of Arnor, he bears dark hair and grey eyes, and his face is proud. He dresses for stealth and travel - lightly, so as not to be heard in the wilds which he calls home. He carries with him a bow, a sword, and a dagger.

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Amdirlos was born and raised in the hidden Dúnedain city of EsteldinFrom birth, he was taught the history and ways of his kin. From childhood, he knew that his life was one that would be marked by strife. He was trained in the ways of the Rangers - of the bow, the sword, the dagger. He learned the tongues of Westron, Sindarin, and Quenyan. He was taught how to disappear into the wilds and leave nary a trace. 

He has a deep love for wild strawberries and fruits, as he knows how to live off of the land. His thirst for knowledge of other languages has driven him to Imladris thrice, though the first of which he was still a young boy accompanying his father. He has garnered knowledge of the lore of Elves and Men, and has found friendship in sharing that knowledge with a fellow Ranger, Enniliel

Though younger than he, Enniliel has proven a dear friend and to be one he sees as a sister. As of now, he has taken her out of Esteldin for the first time, and they make southwards, following the tracks of the Grey Company.

  • Though he goes by Amdirlos amongst his friends, he will be known to others as Idhrandir until he sees fit to share his true name.
    Please IM the author here or in-game for details on the storyline or to meet up for RP!  Or, talk to me through /joinchannel followersofthegc (I love making more friends).
Enniliel, a fellow Ranger.
No siblings, but his parents still live and fight in and for Esteldin.
None that have made themselves known to him.
To travel and wander, to explore new places. He is also fond of learning as many languages as he can. Strawberries are great, too.
Being stuck long on the same subject in a conversation.
He aims to catch up to the path of the Grey Company as they move southwards.

Amdirlos's Adventures

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Amdirlos's Adventures

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Amdirlos's Gallery