Name Inyahin
Singing Songs of Healing
Outward Appearance

Inyahin is an ordinary Elf, as ordinary as Elves get at any rate. She has silver hair, and grey/green eyes, She is very young, not quite child age, but barely an adult. She has a solemn expression, doing well to keep her sorrow in check. She has a green tunic made from elven cloth, carries a travel pack, a short sword and a shield upon it depicting the Star of Eärendil guiding the last boat to Valinor, a boat she must catch.


Inyahin first 50 years of her life, she will not speak of, the sorrow, grief and loss is too much for her to bare.
What has been gleaned from her past is that she learned to play the fiddle, has an infinity for small wild creatures, and that Orcs and Goblins were responsible for the unspoken terrors of her past, burning her whole life to ashes. Including her beloved fiddle of long ages past. And yet these things were dressing for the sorrow that has kept her shielded away from distant eyes.

Her whole life, she felt a calling to the great river, being away from her place of origins, the forests of Lorien. But stayed away out of love and responsibility. But with her reasons gone, all burned to ash. She started her long journey. Staying in seclusion and sorrow in the forests, comforted by the trees and animals. She spent some 50 summers of middle earth making her way up the river, staying concealed in whatever forests she could find. Until She entered the borders of the elves.

By the time She reached the Vineyards of Lorien, there were Elves there waiting for her. With her longing to be with her kin and physical proximity shielding some how had been faded, and the Elves had sensed her presence and her sorrow.

She was taken deep inside the forests of Lorien to heal. Because of her silvery hair, it was presumed that She is of Sindarian origin, she would not speak of her heritage. And yet none of Lorien knew of her existence, even from far, she had been hidden from the world, shielded even from the elves. Such a circumstance should be impossible, so she was told.

However, still stricken from sorrow, can find no solace in the answers to such mystery. She only knew that she is as she was found and grown to be. That she now has family and love in the Elves of Lorien. And ever strides to undo the sorrow and grief from her past, to unveil the shadow of darkness between her body and spirit such that the light of stars may shine brightly through her once again.

She, having been robbed of every object of her past had but one thing remaining, her nickname of "girl". How She came to earn that name she would not speak. But it was given to her in jest, yet affectionately and She was determined that this not be taken from her. And so She took it for her Elven name, Inyahin, Female Child... Or simply Girl.

None Known
Orcs, Goblins, Dragon-Kind
Forests, Deer, Bunnies, Foxes
Orcs, Goblins, Trolls, Spiders as big as horses.
Finding her Star Light once more
The Dwarves DID just spring out of holes in the ground.

Inyahin's Adventures

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Inyahin's Adventures

Inyahin's Gallery

Inyahin's Gallery